“What we have planned for ourselves isn’t always what life has planned for us”

Recently I have changed gears and there has been a slight change of plans. Well, more of a delay of plans. Since I haven’t saved up as much as I would like to, I have decided to work for a few more months before leaving for South America. But, this will be worth it in the long run. I had originally planned to leave in mid-August, then come back and move to Austin, Texas before New Year’s 2016ds. Now, I am more realistically shooting to move to Austin before summer 2016 starts.

Regardless of when I come back, I will come back jobless and homeless. The plan then is getting my ass to Austin ASAP after my trip. That means having a good amount of money saved up before I leave the states. Right now, I have two separate savings accounts, one for South America and one for after South America. And I CANNOT dive into the latter one anymore than I have to.

The ultimate goal is that He and I will be getting our booties to Austin, together, by June. The stars will be perfectly in place for this move for Him, as well as myself. OH! But guess who has never been to Austin!? He hasn’t! So what better time to take him than this fall?? We’ve booked two tickets and an Airbnb (my first experience) and we’ll be leaving the Thursday before Labor Day for a very long weekend. This will be perfect to show him how amazing Austin is before we move there and it will also help me with restlessness.

 EXPENSES (so far):

$504, 2 Roundtrip tickets from Richmond, VA to Austin, TX
$287 for four nights in a large room in an East Downtown bungalow
*we are planning on getting a rental car through Alamo, which is the cheapest running at about $13 a day for a compact

Airbnb –

I was originally trying very hard to stay in a private room in a hostel. Specifically, the downtown hostel I stayed at during my last visit to Austin. Of course all the private rooms in the three Austin hostels were booked, even this far out from the holiday weekend. The hotels were far out of my budget considering that we had a high value on location, would be spending little time in the room, and didn’t want to pay additional parking fees. So I decided this would be a great time to try Airbnb.

Screenshot_2014-11-26-13-22-57So far my experience with Airbnb has been great, granted I haven’t stayed with my first host yet. I booked a private room in Austin, but then a day later I found another [cheaper] place in a better neighborhood. I was worried about canceling, but it was quite painless and you didn’t have to contact the host to do so. I did lose the service fee through Airbnb, but that was only $30. It is very easy to find a perfect room and host in the neighborhood you want. And in a place like Austin, there were many funky, unique places to book (such as tiny houses or airstream trailers). Each host usually has very detailed photos, bios, and descriptions. You can fine tune it to your exact specifications and not be limited, especially in a larger city. I generally recommend reading the reviews as the best way to get a feel for any place. Also watch out the cleaning fees or other fees imposed by the hosts!

The website also has another helpful feature other than places to stay: their detailed neighborhood guides. So those were very helpful in picking our perfect neighborhood. I would have been happy in any neighborhood but I want this trip to make Him fall in love with the city just like I did. He said he wanted to be in the city but he also wanted to see the neighborhoods to get a feel of what it would be like to live there. Airbnb’s guide helped me find that perfect area. East Downtown Austin has a very local feel while being walking distance from the Capital building and other infamous Austin spots. I’m so pumped to check into our tiny bungalow in East Downtown, it’s gonna feel like I’m living my dream of being an Austin resident.

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