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About Big World Small Girl

by Caitlin

Meet Caitlin

Why Limit Happy to Just One Hour?

My name is Caitlin Johnson, aka Big World, Small Girl. I am a writer and content creator inspiring you to try new and local beverages. I have a love for sharing stories and creating adventure.

I created my beer blog to educate, share, and encourage others to support local businesses, especially craft breweries.

My love for craft beer often inspires my travels.

And luckily, I’m able to frequently travel around the United States and globe to cover the world’s best beer destinations and festivals. Most recently, I was selected by Uproxx as one of the top beer influencers to follow.

Follow along with my adventures on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  to stay up-to-date with new adventures, interviews, brewery guides, giveaways, and other craft beer fun.


Interested in collaborating with Big World Small Girl? Let’s talk! Email me at Caitlin [at] BigWorldSmallGirl.com

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About The Blog

Big World Small Girl is an Austin, Texas blog focused around craft beer, spirits, and travel.

Launched in 2015, Big World Small Girl has worked with numerous brands which include, Whole Foods, GrowlerWerks, Jameson Whiskey, Shiner Beer, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Sugarfina, Guinness, and Dogfish Head. 

Collaborations include taproom coverage, simple recipes, how-tos, weekend getaways, and event promotions.

If interested in working with Big World, Small Girl, or would like to see a media kit, please reach out at the email address above.