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What makes me happiest is creating something great and connecting with passionate people. Which lucky for me, is exactly what I do with this blog!

Big World, Small Girl is me telling the story of the individuals behind Austin’s craft beer community.

austin beer blogI’ve meet some cool people in the craft beer community, especially in Austin.

From homebrewers, photographers, brewers, to beer event podcasters, they’ve all had great stories and most have become friends.

I’ll also be sharing stories about Austin’s craft beer community and events, as well as all of the things that make this city weird.

Big World, Small Girl

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Random, but Crucial, Facts about Big World Small Girl:

– My favorite beers are Ambers/Vienna Lagers, I’m big fan of sours too.

– Vienna Lager by Devil’s Backbone in my home state of Virginia is my all-time favorite.

– When I’m not blogging, I’m helping companies with their social media, digital marketing and SEO, or writing content for their site.

– There was once a time when Coors Light was my favorite beer.

– I don’t know how to throw a frisbee.

– I just moved to Austin summer of 2016, but I have been dreaming about it since fall of 2013.

– I’m not just a beer lover, I’m also a wine and cider lover.

– I’m more than happy to give brewery and craft beer recommendations! Message me if you need help.

– I collect stickers and koozies and have an obscene, constantly growing amount of both!

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