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Meet Caitlin

Caitlin, the gal behind the blog, is an Austin transplant originally hailing from a small town in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. By day, Caitlin is a content and community manager at a small eCommerce startup, and by night she’s working on this blog sharing her favorite places in Austin and beyond. Caitlin is happiest exploring new neighborhoods, meeting passionate people, and relaxing on porches with a cold beer in hand.

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About the Blog

Big World Small Girl is an Austin-based blog centered around craft beer, spirits, and adventure. Launched in 2015, Big World Small Girl has worked with numerous brands which include, Whole Foods, GrowlerWerks, Jameson Whiskey, Shiner Beer, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Sugarfina, Guinness, and Dogfish Head.  Collaborations include taproom coverage, simple recipes, how-tos, weekend getaways, and event promotions.


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PRESS: Austin 360 | The Folde | The Austinot | Pint Night Podcast

If you would like to see my professional work, or hire me to help with your content marketing, SEO, or social media, please visit Caitlin Johnson

Most of the photos on my blog and social media are captured by my talented boyfriend and photographer, Jason! Interested in having him work on your project? Contact him here, or message his Instagram.

Disclaimer: All reviews and thoughts are my own and shall always be my own. Whenever I receive a product or event pass for review and promotion, full disclosure will be clear and easy to find. These brands and companies help make Big World, Small Girl possible, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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