Scratchin’ Hippo — A Texan, French-Farmhouse Ale Done Right

August 26, 2016

adelberts brewery in austinAdelbert’s Brewery in Austin, Texas was founded in 2011 and since then they have cranked out enough innovative Farmhouse and Belgian-style beers to earn themselves a solid reputation in this city. Most of their beers are heavy in alcohol content and at the same time, totally drinkable!

My favorite, Scratchin’ Hippo, is a bottle-conditioned, French-Farmhouse ale. Highly-carbonated, malty, and with a 6.9% ABV, this beer meets all of its marks. It’s one of those beers that comes in a large, single bottle and is sealed with a cork. Generally, I have always stayed away from those just because of my own naivety and taste preferences, but Adelert’s Brewery has changed that and opened a whole new game for me!

IMG_0470It was a rainy, stormy night when I decided to “study” this lofty animal, and its label was what I noticed first. On the side, Adelbert’s listed all the 411 on Scratchin’ Hippo and how it’s intended to be enjoyed (always appreciated!). First thing at the top is a recommendation to serve this brew at 45–55 degrees for the best experience. So go ahead, let this beer warm up for a few minutes before pouring. This threw me through a loop at first, I love my beer to be icy-cold, but taking their advice made a huge difference in the taste and smell.austin beer review

The head is a creamy, off-white with tight, foamy bubbles, all this carbonation means that you should pour slow and be patient. The hazy amber-reddish color is very appropriate for the taste.

There is a lovely, light toastiness that reminded me of caramel or burnt sugar, SO GOOD. The malt-driven flavor is quite complex but the mild sweetness keeps it grounded. Scratchin’ Hippo generally, just really reminded me of a clean Wit beer mixed together with a not-so-nutty Amber.

Overall, Adelbert’s describes it as “an amber animal,” and I could not agree more! If you’re ever presented with an opportunity to experience this beer, do not let it pass by!

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