25 Gifts for the Craft Beer Lover in Your Life

Whether you have someone on your gift list who loves craft beer or you’re buying for a serious homebrewer- I’ve found the beer gifts for them!

Here’s my guide to gifts for beer lovers:

Links to buy are below

beer gifts

Craft Beer Gift Ideas

  1. Upgrade your growler and always have fresh beer on tap with the uKeg from Growlerwerks. Link (and if they’ve already got a uKeg growler, you can now get them a matching uPint tumbler! Jump over here to check out this wallet-friendly option)
  2. A simple, fun tee that would look great on its own or layered up. Link
  3. Enamel pins are so hot right now, get these to wear on your purse or winter jacket. Link
  4. Sleek, powerful, and stunning is the first three words that come to mind when I see this bottle opener. Link
  5. Have a beer for your homies out of this hip pint glass. Link
  6. Show off your beer IQ with this classic shirt featuring beer’s four ingredients. Link
  7. Sometimes beer drinkers want to enjoy a few beers at once, this board helps them do that. Link
  8. Perfect for beer festivals and nights out, this Austin, Texas company has the cure for your impending hangover! Link
  9. For the beer drinker who likes to record, in detail, all of their beer-ventures. Link
  10. From local Austin artist, Kathy Phan, what could be better than a beer drinker’s four-legged BFF painted on their beer mug? Link (From 11/20-12/1, she’s offering 10% off her entire Etsy store when you spend $25, so stock up on gifts ASAP)
  11. Another beer journal, this one is perfect for those beer travelers always on the go. Link
  12. Hot sauce made from craft beer is the perfect gift for beer-drinking foodies. Link
  13. If your beer drinker isn’t a fan of spicy foods, some beer candy might be more their style! Link
  14. For the mixologist who also has a passion for craft beer.  Link
  15. Beer at breakfast is often frowned upon, but not anymore once you gift your craft beer lover with beer jelly. Link
  16. For the beer lover who is always traveling, this bag will make sure none of their precious bottles are broken in their luggage. Link
  17. Spent grain is one of the biggest byproducts of breweries, this company is turning that into deliciously sweet, and healthy nutrition bars. Link (use coupon code BIGWORLDSMALLGIRL for 15% off!)
  18. More sweets for your craft beer loving sweet. Link
  19. Help your craft beer lover learn more about the culture of  their favorite drink in this book. Link
  20. So you know a craft beer drinker who is getting serious about the art of brewing, you’ll want to get them this book. Link
  21. This book is perfect for any boozy traveler in your life. Link
  22. Goodnight Brew is a perfect book for those beer lovers you know that also have children. Link
  23. Written by three females from Austin, Texas, this book is a must for any history or beer lover on your list. You can even buy a signed copy of the books from their site for only $25 Link
  24. Pretentious craft beer nerds can be intimidating, this book fixes that. Link
  25. A novel based in the craft beer industry is perfect for any beer-loving book nerds on your list. Link

1. GrowlerWerks uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler Link || 2. Beer is My Spirit Animal T-Shirt Link || 3. Small Batch Crafted Pins Link || 4. Hammershark Bottle Opener Link || 5. ‘My Homies’ Beer Glass Link || 6. Craft Beer Ingredients Shirt Link || 7. 5-Piece Craft Beer Flight Link || 8. Before Elixir Link || 9. Moleskin Beer Journal Link || 10. Hand-Painted, Custom Pet Beer Mug Link || 11. 33 Bottles of Beer Pocket Beer Journal Link || 12. Dales Pale Ale Hot Sauce Link || 13. Brew Candy Link || 14. Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer Link || 15. Beer Jelly Link || 16. Wine Skin Bag Link || 17. Regrained Bars Link || 18. Draft Beer Flavored Jelly Belly Link || 19. Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer Link || 20. The Complete Beer Course Book Link || 21. National Geographic Atlas of Beer Link || 22. Goodnight Brew Book Link || 23. Trappist Beer Travels Link || 24. The Beer Wench Book Link || 25. The Brewer’s Justice Book Link ||

What’s on your Beer Lover Wishlist this year? Comment below!

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  1. Mike says:

    This list is seriously missing out on Black and Tan devices! But good on you for helping out the family members of us craft beer nerds.

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