Beers on Pink Beer Festival and Breast Cancer Fundraiser

beers on pink

On October 13th, The Lustre Pearl East in East Austin will be taken over by Beers on Pink Beer Festival and its portraits of Austin’s best craft beers on a vibrant pink background.

beers on pinkBeers on Pink is a beer festival and fundraiser for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The event is being hosted Thursday, October 13 from 7pm – midnight.
There will be a suggested donation for proceeds that go directly to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.
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Beers on Pink started as just a photography series on the side featuring all of the best Austin beers captured up-close and in their best light. Now, Julien Fleury’s photo series is an Austin beer festival and fundraiser for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Julien Fleury, the man behind Beers on Pink, had the idea just this summer that he could combine his photography talents with his love for craft beer to benefit something near to his heart. What’s awesome is how fast he was able to organize the beer festival by using help from Austin’s supportive community.

beers on pink
Julien’s studio set-up for Beers on Pink

So the idea for Beers on Pink was originally born with a shoot years ago that Julien did with a glass of Delirium Nocturnum beer from Belgium. He used a pink background to match one of his favorite beers’  pink elephant logo.

That pink background matches the pink breast cancer ribbon that has now become a symbol of his mother’s battle. Julien’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and has been kicking its ass the whole time. Her battle is where he found the inspiration to continue his photographs of craft beers up-close and against a pink background. But now, this pink background is the same shade of pink as the breast cancer ribbon.

Now he decided to take his photography to the next level and build a fundraising event around it. His event, Beers on Pink, will raise money for The National Breast Cancer Foundation. He plans to make donations to the foundation based on suggested donations festival-goers make to get a wristband that will give them discounted craft beer at the event.

Most people know someone who has had breast cancer, or been personally affected by it. In fact, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with this cancer in their lifetime.

Julien began in July reaching out to breweries asking them if they would like to be a part of Beers on Pink breast cancer fundraiser. All he needed was a glass and beer to photograph and some social media promotion. The responses and soon-to-follow support left him more than surprised.

Beers on pinkIn true Austin fashion, all of the breweries were more than eager to be a part of Beers on Pink breast cancer fundraiser and beer festival.  The final count for breweries that will be in attendance is an astonishing 20!

All of the Austin breweries donated their beer for him to photograph in their own glasses. When I visited his studio in South Austin recently, his new collection of brewery glasses ranged in all sizes and shapes. I loved seeing what glass each brewery picked for him to photograph!

I also was lucky enough to see some of the photographs myself and Julien’s photography has captured the unique tones and richness of each beer’s colors. His perfectionist attitude is what makes this series unique and gallery-worthy. Across the Beers on Pink series is a theme of uniformity that will surely be captivating once they are all revealed in October at this beer festival.

Julien hopes to continue this event every year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’m sure with the support of Austin’s community and The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s backing, he’ll be able to make that happen.

Austin Breweries Participating in Beers on Pink Beer Festival and Fundraiser:


-Thirsty Planet

-Hops & Grain Brewing

-512 Brewing

-Blue Owl Brewing

-Live Oak Brewing

-4th Tap Brewing COOP

-South Austin Brewery

-Strange Land Brewing

-Adelbert’s Brewery

-Real Ale Brewing

-BlackStar COOP


-Zilker Brewing

-Twisted X

-Austin BeerWorks

-Independence Brewing

-Circle Brewing

-Pinthouse Pizza

-Infamous Brewing

-Last Stand Brewing


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