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I Launched a Podcast! Introducing The 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast

by Caitlin
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I guess you could say quarantine made me do it, but I started a craft beer podcast ya’ll! Introducing The 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast…

One of my best friends, and dog mom behind Great Golden Weenie and Three Dogs, One Bar, Melanie tossed around the idea of creating a podcast back when we first started sheltering in place.

female beer podcast
Melanie and myself in Miami for my thirty birthday party.

The idea didn’t start as a craft beer-focused podcast.

But we knew that craft beer had to be part of it.

One night after Melanie floated the podcast idea to me, I had this crazy idea for a name.

When I told her, she was totally on board.

Then, we started making moves…

We spent the next evening focusing on our content and nailing down our branding.

Then we bought the domains, secured Instagram handles, made a website, set up email, design some cover art, and started writing the first three episodes of the podcast! PHEW

512 brewed craft beer podcast logo

We launched on May 1st with three episodes and a trailer.

Figured we’d give all the stuck-at-home folks some quality content to binge on (and get attached to us!). :)

Start Listening to Episode One Right Now! (Hit play below)

This weekend we are closing in on one month since launch and we’ve been blown away by the response from everyone.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about this craft beer podcast and let me share a little bit more with you about what we intended to do with this show. ⠀

female beer podcast
Just this week, Melanie and I started recording together in-person, which brings a whole new element to our chemistry on the show.

About the 512 Craft Beer Podcast

So each week on the show, we’re going to review a new beer and pour over the details behind its creation and its maker.

Then we’ll dive into fun stories inspired by the beer before we go over the beer news of the week.

You’ll laugh, learn something new, and come away with a better appreciation of the craftsmanship behind this mighty beverage.

So the name 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast…

Let me explain… Yes, we are both based in Austin, and yea we drink a lot of Austin beer, but this is NOT a strictly Austin podcast. This is a BEER podcast!

The 512 comes from (wait for it):

  • 5: the number of dogs Melanie and I have.
  • 1: The amount of beer we’ll be reviewing each episode
  • 2: the number of hosts yapping on this podcast!

See! Pretty awesome, right?

female beer podcast

How to Listen to the 512 Brewed Craft Beer Podcast!

Each week (currently, we’re going live on Fridays) we release a new podcast. The easiest way to make sure you never miss a new episode is to subscribe to the show wherever you listen to your podcasts!

And if you have any ideas about topics or stories or beers to cover in the show, definitely let us know! We’re always look for cool ideas.

Have any questions about starting a podcast yourself? Drop in the comments and I’ll help out.

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