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Best Places in Austin to Grab a Beer and Get Sh*t Done

by Caitlin J
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Working from home is great, whether you do it full-time or a few times a month, the flexibility and freedom is something many dream of. Still, it’s all-too-common to find yourself cooped up at home for days or just stuck in a rut at work.

In Austin, there’s no excuse for any of that though! There are plenty of great spots to get free Wifi and delicious, local coffee in Austin, but some days you need something more. That’s why I’ve made this list of the best spots in Austin to get a beer and get shit done!

Read on and comment below with your favorite spot in Austin with free WiFi!

The Top 6 Austin Spots with Free WiFi and Great Craft Beer

4th Tap Brewing Cooperative

north austin brewery

One of the best places in Austin to grab a beer and get some shit done is at 4th Tap Brewing in North Austin. This worker-owner brewery is spacious with plenty of picnic tables to spread out and get down to business.

In terms of 4th Tap’s beers, I’d have to recommend The Sun Eater, a gruit. The taste was similar to cider or champagne (with flavors of rosemary and lemon peel), so it’s perfect to pair with an afternoon of working outside the office.

4th Tap Brewing opens each day at 11am each day and it’s never too crowded in the afternoon.  My favorite part is I can bring our dog to their pet-friendly taproom. As long as he has a ‘brewery toy’ to chew on, he is happy and content as a clam.

4th Tap brewing

Finally, I would suggest bringing a snack and a full laptop charge to 4th Tap Brewing.  The way their taproom is laid out doesn’t create tons of easy access to outlets and they don’t have the typical food options found in cafes and such.

Radio Coffee & Beer

If you’re down south, or just looking for a great reason to visit South Austin, head to Radio Coffee & Beer to take a break from your typical office environment.  Opening at 6:30am during the week, this hangout spot on Manchaca has you covered and is one of the most beautiful spots on this list to grab a beer or coffee (and breakfast tacos of course).

Radio Coffee has all the typical espresso and roasted coffee drinks and make sure to ask for yours with local milk! If it’s later in the afternoon and you’re looking for something  harder, they have 24 taps of craft beer for you to pick from.  Keep the party going with goodies from East Side Pies or tacos from the Veracruz taco truck out front!

There’s plenty of tables and outlets inside, but you’ll most likely want to be outside on their wooden deck. With ample patio space, these guys have made the perfect spot if you have work to do but still want to enjoy the beautiful weather in Austin.

Thunderbird Cafe & Taproom

thunderbird cafe taplist

There’s coffee, craft beer, and delicious food at both of the Thunderbird Cafes in Austin, making it a fantastic place to work outside of the office. Get in early (but not too early, they don’t turn the Wi-Fi on till 9:30am!), order some delicious coffee and Taco Deli tacos, find a cozy spot, do work, and repeat. Well, repeat until noon or so, then it’s time to ditch the coffee and check out that taplist.

Or, get in late because these guys are open till 11pm each night and you can expect the place to be quiet enough to focus! The staff are so nice too and knowledgeable on both the coffee and beer they’re serving.

best free wifi austin beer

There’s free wifi, plenty of seating, inside and out. Plus, Thunderbird always has a solid beer list (pint specials on Thursdays!) that’s sure to have something good for just about every craft beer drinking. If you’re drinking coffee though, I highly recommend the Honey Nut Coffee!

WhichCraft Bottle Shop – Mueller

best free wifi austin beer

A recent blessing to us north of Downtown, the new WhichCraft location in Mueller was built for days working outside the office.  WhichCraft’s new store opens everyday at 8am and expect all of the same great service you get at their South Lamar store, except now the WhichCraft guys are pouring great craft beer!

whichcraft bottle shop

Besides the impressive taplist, there’s a coffee program featuring rotating local Austin roasters, light snacks, free WiFi, good amount of seating, and all with a beautiful view of Mueller Park.

Wright Bros. Brew and Brew

Located on East 5th Street, just by I-35, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon drinking great craft beer and tackling your to-do list. There’s 38 taps of beers to choose from in this intimate space, and expect to see their board change frequently! There’s also bottles, cans, and growlers to-go should you need to bring something good home.

Opening at 8am every morning, The Brew and Brew is also a popular Austin spot for coffee and espresso from their ModBar modular espresso machine.

If you happen to work yourself up an appetite, you’re in luck at The Brew & Brew. There’s bites and eats from all types of Austin local businesses. Expect to choose from flakey croissants from Easy Tiger, Pueblo Viejo’s incredibly breakfast tacos, Kerlin BBQ’s perfect kolaches, or Black Bird’s gluten-free pastries!

*Bonus- Yard Bar

dog friendly bar austin

Once again, I find myself recommending Yard Bar! Working from home, whether you do it once a month or full-time, can be a challenge and full of distractions, especially if you’re a dog owner. So, for those days you’re working from home and the dog won’t stop bugging you to play, come up north and let him socialize here.

Yard Bar has a great beer selection and other alcoholic drinks, free WiFi, and plenty of seating and outlets! Plus, they serve food at picnic tables on the other side of the yard. They open at 11am each day and there’s usually at least a few dogs. If it’s your first time visiting with your dog, check their website for what you should bring and not bring.

best free wifi austin beer
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What’s your favorite place to grab a beer and get some work done? It doesn’t have to be in Austin, so comment below with your fave spot!

Please, feel free to share with someone in your life who could use this list of Austin places with free Wifi and great beer!

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