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10 Best Koozies & Can Coolers to Keep Your Bevs Cold All Summer

by Caitlin J
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There’s nothing better than being out on a hot summer day with a nice cold beverage in your hand. But, that perfect feeling only tends to last a couple of minutes unless you’ve got a way to keep that drink cool. 

Now, you can’t just keep sticking it back into the ice cooler once it’s open, and no one wants to be sipping on a hot beer. That’s a universal fact. But thankfully, you don’t have to. 

Koozies and can coolers have been specially designed to give your beverage the cold embrace it really needs to keep up that chilled out vibe you want it to keep all day long! 

They’re a sleeve that’s designed to fit on top of bottles and cans and keep condensation from ever forming on the surface of the can and insulates them to keep them cool for hours on end! That way, even if you’re the slowest of drinkers, your drink will be right there, as cold as it was when you first opened it! 

10 Best Koozies & Can Coolers to Keep Your Bevs Cold All Summer

However, not all Koozies and Can Coolers are the same. There are some that are very cheaply made or just mimic the look of an actual koozie. Those are the ones you need to stay away from.

The great thing is, I, being the avid beer enthusiast that I am, have tried out lots of different Koozies and can coolers throughout my formidable years. With that knowledge, I was able to create a list of the 10 best koozies and can coolers you can try this summer, so no matter what you’re doing, your beverage will always be as cold as you want it to be! 

YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Can Insulator for Standard Size Cans

If you’re looking to employ the power of a literal Yeti on your drink to keep it as cold as humanly possible, this is a great one to try! Although I’m not the biggest fan of this one because it can get a bit too heavy, if that’s not a problem for you, you’d love it!

The weight is in part because of its build; it’s got a double-wall vacuum that works to keep your drink super cold. This one would work best for people that go on insane outdoor adventures, too, because of their signature thick gauge steel that can withstand some serious wear and tear! 

PopThirst Insulated Can Holder with PopSocket Grip

Anyone who knows me knows how big of a fan I am of pop sockets! Gone are the days of things slipping out of my hands (curses, no functional pockets for women), but I never thought how convenient it would be to have a pop socket on a can cooler! If the regular one is too thick for you, you can even try the super slim version.

Apart from the easy holding situation, what I really like about this can holder is that it’s collapsible, so it can easily be folded up, put in your wallet, and ready to whip out whenever need be! Plus, you can change the pop sockets according to your preference, which just adds a bit of customizability to the whole thing!   

Toadfish Koozie: Non-Tipping Can Cooler for 12oz Cans

I’m someone that takes full advantage of the summer heat, and every chance I get, I’m going to head out to the water. Some days I’m just chilling by the beach. Other times, I take a kayak or a paddleboard out, anything I can do on the water! If you’re like me, you’re going to need koozies that are more on the buoyant side.

This Toadfish Koozie is great for that! It’s water resistant, doesn’t rust or puncture, and the suction at the bottom means that no matter what you’re doing, this will not tip over. It even comes in different sizes for different types of drinks! The best part, the company plants an oyster bed for every product sold! So you’ll be getting your ice cold drink, and saving the planet at the same time, whether you’re on the ground or out on the water!

Corkcicle Stainless Steel Can Cooler

While all of the koozies on this list are the ones I think are the best ones in the game, this one just holds a special place in my heart and my freezer. I own several of these, and they’re probably one of the most convenient koozies you’ll ever try!

This can easily hold 12 oz cans as well as 16 oz cans, which just takes away the whole hassle of checking the size of the can before putting it in the koozie! As long as you can remember to pop the base in the freezer, your drink will stay ice cold all day! 

Reduce Can Cooler – 4-in-1 Stainless Steel Koozie

If you’re someone that doesn’t stick with one drink and likes to switch things up, the Reduce Can Cooler might just be the perfect one for you! It allows you to put a regular can, a skinny drink, an entire bottle, or even use it as a drink tumbler (it holds 14 ounces that way); all of that combines to create the perfect can cooler/koozie to keep on you at all times! 

Sangyn Insulated 4 in 1 Can Cooler with Lid

This one is another example of how convenient a can cooler can be. It is made out of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it safe from scratches and dents. The embedded silicone bottom keeps it from slipping around, and because of the way it’s built, you don’t have to worry about your hands getting all wet from the condensation! This one, too, holds all 12 oz cans and bottles without a problem! Just insert the drink, lock it in place, and it’ll stay there all day long!

4-in-1 Skinny Can Cooler for Slim Can Cooler Beer & Hard Seltzer

For those that don’t want to deal with any sort of a learning curve with their koozie, this might just be the best bet! With this, you just have to twist off the top, put your drink in, and that’s it! It’s got a silicone bottom, which is grippy enough to not let any drink topple over, even the longer slender bottles, even if you’re flinging them around!

One of the best things about this one is that it comes with its own little straw and cleaning kit, so you don’t have to look around or pollute the Earth with a disposable one, and it makes the drinking experience very convenient! Definitely one of my top picks! 

BottleKeeper – The Standard 2.0

While most koozies are built for cans and can hold bottles, too, this one is built for 12 oz bottles specifically! Now, before we get into that, make sure that you’re never taking glass bottles into an area like a beach where people walk barefoot. If your bottle breaks, the glass shards could seriously injure someone, especially children, so it’s better to keep them out of the equation altogether.

But, for other areas, this is a great find! It keeps your bottle cold, the padded bottom allows you to accidentally drop it without worrying about breaking it, and the screw on top makes it so you can open and close your drink throughout the day and keep it nice and fresh! 

Krazy Kover Wool Bottle

If you’re not going to be out in the blaring sun but still want a koozie to keep the condensation off your hands, the Krazy Kover would be your best bet! This one is like a sweater for your bottle, it helps it stay colder for longer, and your hands won’t need a constant wiping throughout the night.

They usually make sports related wool bottle covers, but they even have them boasting lots of other different brands and logos too! Perfect for game night and otherwise! 

WIKieason 12oz Standard Can Sleeves Insulators Sleeves Standard Can Covers

While the last one is a great buy for casual drinkers, wool might not be the fabric of choice for everyone. This one is made out of a non-slip textured neoprene fabric, so it’s thin, easy to take around, and you can get lots of them for a fairly low price! I like these for tailgates or parties that I’m hosting.

That way, everyone can have a cold drink with them throughout, and I don’t have to worry about retrieving them all at the end of the day. If a friend “borrows” one of these, it’ll be totally fine! The best part about these is that the fabric is stretchy, so most 12 oz bottles will fit, even if they’re totally crazy in terms of design. But, while it’s stretchy, it’s not the type to lose its shape, so you can easily use these for years to come! Easy to use, convenient and durable! 

Where to Buy Custom Koozies for Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, and More!


While the can koozies I’ve already mentioned in the list are great ones to try on an average summer day, if you’re looking to get custom can coolers and wedding koozies to really make your bridal party stand out from the rest of the crowd, you’d want something totally custom! 

Etsy is a great place to get custom koozies for weddings, bachelorette parties, and anything else you might need them for. This seller has great reviews for custom can coolers and this one for custom koozies! However, if you want to get them in bulk for a whole wedding party or something, the individual listing might turn out a little expensive. 

If you’ve got a Cricut machine, you could just design them yourself and order them in bulk off of a bulk listing on Amazon and save an extra buck on that too!

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In my opinion, nothing really comes close to the convenience of the PopThirst Insulated Can Holder because of the unique grip and the Corkcicle Stainless Steel Can Cooler because you can put anything in there! But any one of the 10 on the list would work perfectly! 

With all of that discussed, you’re all set to stay cool (and keep your drinks cool) all summer! If you enjoyed this guide, you might want to give some of my other ones a read too! Here at Big World, Small Girl, I’m always trying to get all the best info I possibly can out for you guys, so be sure to check out some of my other posts before you head out! Got a friend that needs their own can cooler or koozie too? Share the post with them, too, so everyone can have a hot girl summer without having to worry about their drink cooling down too soon!

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