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Black Beer Writers, Instagrammers, Creators and More That You Should Follow, Support, and Love

by Caitlin
black people in beer
Let’s shine a light on these black voices of the beer community and help support them!

Let’s shine a light on these black voices of beer and help support them now more than ever!

Today I want to showcase some of the black voices, creators, and brewers in the beer community. Beer is something that I believe is for everyone. It brings people and communities together.

This list only scratches the surface. There are so many black beer lovers out there documenting their journey discovering craft beer online.

So please share with me in the comments other black people in beer you love to keep up with. I hope to make many additions to this list.

Dr. J Jackson-Beckham: Speaker, Educator, and BA Diversity Ambassador

dr j nikol beckham

Dr. J is a speaker, educator, beer scholar, and equity & inclusion strategist. She is also the founder of Craft Beer For All, a platform that works to bring the diversity of craft beer to people and the diversity of people to craft beer. Currently, she is the Diversity Ambassador for the Brewers Association. You can connect with her on Twitter and Instagram at @jnikolbeckham.

Sabrina: Founder and Designer behind Boozy Craft Corner

boozy craft corner

Sabrina of Boozy Craft Corner is an artist and illustrator with an online shop full of to die for beer merch such as keychains, pins, and even a COLORING BOOK! (Find her at Instagram: @BoozyCraftCorner)

Shannon Harris: Austin-based homebrewer, beertographer, and blogger behind The Brew Brotha.

the brew brotha

Shannon is a local beer blogger, Instagrammer, and award-winning homebrewer from right here in Austin, Texas. No joke, he literally wins like every homebrew competition around these parts. One day he hopes to go pro and I hope so too! Find him on Instagram at @TheBrewBrotha and keep up with his homebrew journey at @UrbanJungleBrew.

Garrett Oliver: Brewer, beer author, and an original beer influencer.

garrett oliver

NYC-based Garrett Oliver is one of the most influential people in beer. Period. Oliver has been brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewery since 1994. But he doesn’t only brew beer. As well as leading the brewing operations at one of the largest breweries in the country, he’s the author of two beer books (His Oxford Companion to Beer is a MUST for any beer lover). Oliver has also won countless awards including James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional in 2014. Connect with him on Twitter at @GarrettOliver or check out his books on Amazon.

Tiffany Alexis: Show producer and Instagrammer.

tiffany alexis

Tiffany is the show producer of the BAOS Beer Podcast, the voice behind @LiquidxHappiness Instagram account, and all-around entrepreneur! She knows her wine too if that’s your thing! And she’s a phenomenal photographer. UGH what can’t she do?! lol Catch up with her on Instagram or tune into her beer show, it’s also available on YouTube!

Black Beer Travelers: Diversifying craft and adventure

Black Beer Travelers is an Instagram account that is all about diversifying craft beer and adventure. A few weeks ago, they created a worldwide map of all the black-owned business. From homebrewers to artists, this map (above) has them all. Find them on Instagram at @blackbeertravelers.

Crown & Hops Brewery Founders: Beny and Teo

crown and hops brewery

Crowns & Hops is a black-owned brewery in California, and their founders Beny (@benyashburn) and Teo (@teo_hunter) are active on Instagram and make for some great beer accounts to follow!

THE Afro Beer Chick and Podcast Host: Chalonda

Chalonda is THE Afro Beer Chick and she’s also a podcast host at This Chick Talks Beer). Find her on Instagram at @afro.beer.chick!

The Swig Podcast

The Swig Podcast is a beer podcast hosted by two beer nerds, Shani (@theblackbeerexperience) and Kramer (@thebeerdedbrotha). Tune in to their show and keep up with their beer drinking adventures on Instagram!

Stephanie: Atlanta-based Beer Writer and Talented Photographer an Atlanta Beer Writer. Find her on Instagram at @shelovescraft.

she loves craft

Daddy Porter

daddy porter

Greg Washington is the personality behind Daddy Porter. He’s a Cicerone in training, beer podcast host, blogger, and social media personality. He’s also an active and generous member of the beer community. I’m so lucky to call him a friend.

Black Brew Culture is a Pittsburgh lifestyle brand making and selling gear that celebrates black beer culture.

Eric of Uncap Everything Blogger, entrepreneur, and beer storyteller.

uncap everything

Eric is the beer blogger behind Uncap Everything and founder of We Are Cap Soul brand, and is currently living in Richmond, Virginia.

Black Beer Instagrammers to Start Following ASAP

Note: This is just a small selection of people to follow on Instagram… For a more complete list of Instagram accounts, head to Celebrate Black Beer’s profile on Instagram and check out the list of accounts they are following. All are black voices, creators, influencers, and business in the beer community.

Shalae of @ablackgirlandherbeer on Instagram for gorgeous photos and fun beer graphics. “There’s not enough (if at all) diversity in the beer industry. So I’m creating my own inclusive content”

Milan of @gurl.lost from San Francisco, California is a beer Instagrammer providing so much more than just pretty photos. Her captions are educational, fun, and engaging.

Dylan of @craftbeerclt is an East Coast beer Instagrammer, homebrewer and Certified Cicerone®. Follow him to keep up with all the great beer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Black Girls Drink (@BlackGirlsDrink) is an Instagram account dedicated to elevating black female consumers and makers in the beverage industry.

Eugenia of the Black Beer Chic blog created the @blackgirlsdrinkbeertoo Instagram account to create space for WOC in the craft beer community and to showcase their love for craft beer.

Brie of @AncestorsandAlcohol uses her Instagram account to share reviews of black-owned alcohol brands, as well as brewery/vineyard trips and baking (check out her brownies!) .

Ralph Marion of @beeredblackman is a Birmingham-based Instagrammer showcasing his adventures in craft beer as he lives out his mission to diversify the beer community.

This badass woman is a must-follow beer Instagram account. Sarah, on Instagram at @serbiebeernerdess, is a brewer at Bleeding Heart Brewery in Palmer, Alaska, a Pink Boots Society member, and a Certified Ciecerone in training.

Cyrus, host of the Beer Battered Thoughts podcast is also a super fun Instagram account to follow. While he will bring you beer reviews and your typical brewery visits, he is also a knight-in-training. And it’s awesome!

Totally Random Note: There is still time to get tickets to the 3rd Annual Fresh Fest Beer Fest in Allentown PA, which is scheduled for August 8th this year, Covid willing. In case you didn’t know, Fresh Fest is the country’s first black beer festival.

BONUS!! Black Mixologists, Bartenders, Cocktail Creators to Put on Your Radar

While I have ya’ll here, I also want to share a few black mixologists, cocktail creators, and bartenders. I know I’m mostly beer, but I also love sharing spirits and craft cocktails. 

So go check these folks out, get to know them, and give them a follow!

Elliot is a Denver-based photographer and mixologist. His cocktails are just so dang good looking! I LOVE his photos! | @apartment_bartender

Johnny and Neka provide a feminine urban perspective to the beverage market, and they’re also authors of a book that explores Charleston culture through its cocktails. | @cocktailbandits

Erica is a Chicago-based Texan with a passion for travel and exquisite cocktails. | @chicocktailcutie

Shannon Mustipher is an award-winning mixologist and author of Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails recipe book. | @shannonmustipher

Camille is your go-to girl for cocktails in NYC. She’s also made it her mission to make home bartenders more confident in exploring their inner-mixologist. | @thecocktailsnob_

Sam is an Instagrammer on a mission to get more brothers to the bar. He is also the host of the brand new podcast, Pass the Drink. | @thebrotheratthebar

Tiffanie Barriere – Award-winning bartender, creator, educator, and influencer behind The Drinking Coach. | @thedrinkingcoach

See someone I missed? Let me know!

I will be continuously updating this list. If you could, please share other amazing black voices in alcoholic and craft beverages in the comments.

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