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IMG_9470After our stop at Foggy Bottom, our pourer suggested we visit Blacksnake Meadery as it was only a mile away. On our way up I had mentioned to my boyfriend that there was a meadery nearby, but it didn’t really spark our interest right away. Mostly because we had this horribly wrong idea of what mead was We had always known and heard of mead being a strong and heavy ale or beer originating from Medieval times.  Although, once we were out that far we thought we might as well! When in Rome, right?

So a few minutes after leaving Foggy Bottom we found ourselves driving on a dirt road; following Blacksnake’s iron signs.  We arrived at a beautiful log cabin sitting in a clearing on top of a steep hill.  Wildflowers and vines were growing everywhere! We got to hang out and do our tasting at the bar that was right on the cabin’s front porch.IMG_9458

Naturally, we came only to do some tastings but first our pourer had to set us straight on what kind of mead they made. Yes, there is a mead that is honey ale but at Blacksnake they made wine from fermented honey.  That, as a huge honey junkie, was when my interest and curiosity grew.

So, the tasting was quite diverse, we tried nine of theirmeads in total. Each one was completely different than the previous. As an unexperienced mead drinker, these meads were for me either a slam dunk or a complete air ball. My boyfriend didn’t like any of them. But then again, He doesn’t like honey, so that doesn’t hold up much in discussing the quality of Blacksnake’s meads.

BIMG_9456lacksnake had two categories of mead: traditional (meads with different honey and levels of dilatation) and non-traditional (meads with additional flavors or added carbonation).  I tended to like more traditional mead (I guess you could call me a purist!!).  My favorite, and the one I ended up buying, was the Tupelo. It was so very sweet and made with honey from southern Florida.

Overall, Blacksnake’s tasting of their honey wine was a delicious and intriguing experience that I am not regretting at all! I left with a lovely blue bottle of the Tupelo Mead that I plan to share with a dear friend who is a fellow honey lover.  Their mead is sealed in the bottle with a cork and beeswax from their own bees, which adds a lovely touch. IMG_9473

If you’ve never tried mead but love honey, you definitely need to try a bottle! Blacksnake Meadery’s products are available to purchase in Blacksburg at Oasis Food Market and Annie Kay’s, which is perfect if you want to try mead but can’t make the long drive.  And if you are ever in the area, do not leave before making a stop at Foggy Bottom’s sweet neighbor: Blacksnake Meadery!


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