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14 Savory & Sweet Boozy, Recipes You Will Love

by Caitlin J

True love is supporting your beau as they drive you to the industrial area of every town, just for craft beer. True love is also letting them kill that bottle of bubbly, knowing you’re gonna have to take care of whatever mess they get into later. True love is many things and the pressure that Valentine’s Day creates can be a little stressful.

This year, make it easy and skip the material items. Instead show your love to your Valentine with a recipe featuring their favorite booze! Check out my round-up of 14 boozy recipes, both savory and sweet, that are perfect for sharing with your sweetheart.

Savory Boozy Recipes

Steak & Ale Pie

steak and ale pie

After a visit to Adelbert’s Brewery in North Austin, Natalie Paramore set out to make something delicious out of the brewery’s strong ales.  For Valentine’s Day she decided on making this meat pie from her boyfriend who loves traditional British eats. She used a Dancin’ Monks a Dubbel Ale from Adelbert for her delicious Steak and Ale pie.

Cedar Plank Scallops with Roasted Vegetables

cedar plank scallops

From The Delish Plan, she takes scallops marinated in a seasoned beer mixture, grilled on a cedar plank that’s soaked in beer along with onions and bell peppers in the same marinade, this cedar plank beer scallops recipe makes a wonderful weekday dinner. Or, open a bottle of good wine to pair with it, and suddenly, you’ve got a fabulous date night dinner.

Beer Butter Mushrooms

beer butter mushrooms

Beer and mushrooms, what a beautiful combo! From Killing Thyme here’s an old but classic recipe for a delicious side dish using a lager or pilsner to add flavor.

From the cook: “I’m sure you can just imagine the smooth and velvety texture these have after simmering in butter and beer for 30 minutes. And, since mushrooms act like a sponge, you get a mouthful of buttery malty goodness with every single bite while the fresh herbs play off of all that earthiness.” YUM!

Fusion Cooker Beer Beef & Oven Beer Beef

recipes with alcohol

Beef roast seasoned with a savory dry rub, browned, and then cooked in beer and bone broth with tomatoes and onions.

Two more great recipes from The Delish Plan are just perfect for a cozy dinner-for-two at home. One recipe is for the stove or oven and the other is for a Fusion or Slow Cooker. These are great easy-to-follow recipes perfect for the busy couple.

Bourbon BBQ Meatballs

bourbon bbq meatballs

These bourbon bbq meatballs  from the Nutmeg Nanny are the perfect Valentine’s Day boozy appetizer. They are easy to make and packed full of homemade bourbon BBQ sauce flavor. These little meatballs are homemade (you could always use frozen if you’re short on time) and are swimming in a super simple homemade stove top bourbon BBQ sauce.

Jack Daniel’s Back Man-n-Cheese

bacon mac and cheese

Whisky, bacon, and cheese, goodness what more could you give someone to prove your love?!

For this recipe, the bourbon is in the bacon, not some much the mac-and-cheese.  The sweet, salty bursts of flavor from the bacon are simply wonderful, and the sauce is creamy and rich.  Bread, Booze, and Bacon’s recipe reheats really well too, which is always a challenge, and this pasta does it!

Slow Cooker Root Beer Chicken Wings

root beer wings

Claire Craves created this recipe on her first crack at making wings! She kicked it up a notch by throwing in 2 bottles of boozy root beer. The slow cooker ensures that when you bite into the wing the meat just falls off the bone, but the brown sugar and final flash grill gives you that initial crunch. Make these wings for your root beer lover and a casual date night-in.

One Pot Red Wine Pasta

red wine pasta

So this is the dish to make if your date is a red wine fanatic! A Beautiful Mess came up with this easy and simple one-pot pasta recipe. Pick out your, or your date’s, favorite red because you’ll be need it to cook the pasta. Bonus, the recipe leaves you with enough red wine to enjoy some for yourself!

Sweet Boozy Recipes

Gin & Tonic Cake

gin tonic cake

This cake is absolutely beautiful; the most perfect pink for Valentine’s Day tops this boozy-spin on a classic cocktail. Herbal and effervescent, a gin and tonic just might be the most refreshing concoction in existence. So Butter, Sugar, Flowers transformed a gin and tonic cocktail into a fresh dessert! One that’s perfect for sharing with your Valentine. This blogger locally sourced her gin, but I suggest you use Waterloo Gin from Treaty Oak in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Bourbon Cherry Marshmallows

bourbon cherry marshmallows

These Bourbon Cherry Marshmallows are the perfect treat for both sugar-lovers and fans of the classic Manhattan cocktail.  Mary Makes Good created a genius recipe combining the heavenly-creation that is homemade marshmallows with cherry flavors and bourbon. They’re great gifts and easy to customize plus the light pink color is very appropriate for the holiday!

Maple Sugar, Bourbon, and Brown Butter Peach Crisp

peach crisp recipe

All the best peaches are grown in Texas, and since we’re out of season this recipe might need to use frozen peaches instead of fresh but expect it to still be delicious. The Bojon Gourmet has a peach crisp recipe with ingredients such as maple sugar, brown butter, and of course, bourbon. Copy her and bake it all in a cast iron skillet. She uses Bulleit bourbon, but your favorite bourbon whiskey will get the job done!

Guinness Stout Cake with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting

guiness stout cake

Dark Guinness Stout cake topped with luscious Bailey’s cream is the ultimate dessert for your booze-loving Valentine. A Beautiful Plate’s Guinness Stout cake is incredibly dark, and full of spices and flavor without being overly sweet. The color of the cake is purely from the addition of an entire cup of dark molasses and Guinness stout beer.The flavor comes from ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, ground cloves, ground ginger, and freshly grated ginger root!

Chocolate Rum Banana Bread

Chocolate Rum Banana Bread recipe

Win the love of a chocoholic with this boozy recipe for a grown-up banana bread! Serena Lissy used with Treaty Oak Rum and it was a great fit for this bread. Not only is there just a hint of the flavor in the bread, but it’s so moist, it technically should be called a cake. This chocolate rum banana bread recipe is easy and straight forward, but you and your date start planning a Caribbean vacation after this dessert!

Bourbon & Brown Butter Brownies

bourbon brownies

Another great dessert idea to whip up for your boozy Valentine are these bourbon brownies from Raspberri Cupcakes! These brownies are strictly for grown-ups only though! The bourbon, plus the double amount of chocolate, called for in these brownies just ramps up the gooeyiness and fudginess. All that means if this is one perfect brownie to share with your sweet.

recipes with booze

What’s your favorite recipe to make for your Valentine?? Or do you have a boozy recipe that I missed? Share it with me in the comments!

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