Tubi 60: the Israeli Liquor You Need to Taste ASAP

tubi 60

Texas is in one of the first states to distribute Tubi 60. The alcoholic spirit from Israel that’s exploded to global popularity in a few short years. Tubi 60 began as a secret formula, passed down through the generations. Then, only five years ago, brothers Hilal and Yanai introduced the herbal spirit to Israeli markets. Their family’s recipe quickly became a huge hit in the Tel Avivi party scene.

Meridian Hive | A (Sweet) Lesson on Fermented Honey With The Hive

Meridian Hive

Meridian Hive is Austin’s first (and only) meadery and they’re a refreshing addition to this city of Craft Beer drinkers. They are leading a reinvention of mead and pushing boundaries with their carbonated mead and barrel aged stills. My recent visit with Angi, Meridian Hive Brand Manager, was a blast and super-educational. She was more […]