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Soundtracks For Austin’s Craft Beer

by Caitlin J
craft beer experiences

There is no shortage of fun and unique craft beer experiences popping up in Austin. And that’s something you’ll never hear me complaining about!

Craft beer, I believe, is one of the few things in this world that enhances every experience and every moment.

You at the beach? Grab a nice cold pils or kolsch! Pre-gaming a football game? It’d be the perfect time for an amber or dobbelbock. Is it winter? Grab something thick and/or barrel-aged to keep you warm.

Seriously, craft beer can find its way into any situation and that’s one of the things I love most.

And there is one ‘industry’ that craft beer is always reminding me of: music.

pints and playlists

Thank about it… You have music snobs, sell-outs, drama, the ‘big guys’, and of course plenty of alcohol.

What happens when you bring craft and music together? Well that, is truely a beautiful thing.

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Marker 10 is an incredible bar and restaurant in the Hyatt Regency hotel south side of the river. The hotel is blessed with relaxing views of the South Congress bridge, downtown Austin, and of course Lady Bird Lake.

But the best part is how the staff strives to create a memorable experience for both tourists and locals alike.

Cortney Harding is in charge of the beer and spirits menu at Marker 10 restaurant, and she’s doing some pretty exciting things on both sides! For beer lovers in Austin, both new and experienced, she’s created a beer experience that sums up Austin with what the city does best: beer and music.

craft beer playlists

Pints and Playlists is a program she’s created for the hotel bar that pairs a beer flight to specific Spotify playlists. Each beer has its own playlist with three to six songs on there. And each song is handpicked by Cortney herself. She likes to mix it up and chooses songs from everyone: local favorites to big acts.

Here’s one of the hotels’ first *absolutely perfect* Pints & Playlists on Spotify:

This one you’ll want to enjoy with your next pint of Stash IPA from Independence:

If you’re new to town, I’d suggest going with whatever flight the hotel currently has. Cortney is a stickler for making sure local breweries are the ones who have first access to Marker 10’s taps.

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If you’re not so new to Austin, stop in and grab your favorite style or local brewery and head to the patio. Enjoying a beer out at Hyatt Regency’s patio, is surprisingly one of the most peaceful places to chill out.

austin craft beer experiences

marker 10 austin

austin craft beer experiences

Either way, after you leave the hotel you can still listen to the playlists and relive your experiences and adventures in Austin.

For us locals, we can listen to the playlists of our favorite local beers at home, out at the tailgate, or maybe as we work in a coffee shop.

HYATT REGENCY 208 Barton Springs Rd, 78704 | Website | Marker 10 Menus

Follow Marker 10 on Spotify and always stay in the loop with their new playlists (and local Austin beers on tap!)

What songs would go on a playlist for your favorite craft beer? Let me know in the comments, and cheers!



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