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DIY Project – Personalized Beer Openers

by Caitlin J
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Back in my sorority days, I loved DIY and crafting for my friends, but since graduating and moving I don’t get to do that much these days. That is until I found this pack of 3 bottle openers. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head and I had this strong urge to DIY.

I mean, a pack of high-quality steel bottle openers in three different finishes for under $14?! Amazon for the win! The best things about these openers, besides the variety of finishes, are that they are made from steel,  won’t rust and they have a pretty finish that will last a lifetime.


What comes in the kit: (from left to right) Antique Brass, Polished Silver, and Antique Brass bottle openers and the proper hardware to mount them anywhere!

DIY: Personalized Bottle Openers

Once the bottle openers arrived, I headed down to the hardware store to pick out wood stains.  I already had a vague idea of what I’d be making for my friends, each perfectly tailored for their personalities, but I needed a stain that matched the openers.  It was pretty easy picking out a stain since I had the bottle openers with me.


So happy I found tiny cans of wood stain that were perfectly sized for my project!

With the polished silver, I went with a light, golden color called Provincial. I was originally going to put the antique brass opener on an acrylic painted plaque, but after seeing all the beautiful wood stains I changed my mine to go with the rich, warm Dark Walnut. The antique brass went with so many stains, it was quite a challenge to just pick one! Finally, I wanted to do something dark for the antique copper and the Jacobean was a perfect fit!

Staining the Wood


Stained and ready for the next step!

I also needed three pieces of wood to stain and mount with the bottle openers. I picked up a board of pine wood from the store and had it cut in two to be a foot long and almost six inches wide plank. The third piece I was going to stain and use for this DIY project was a oval slice of a thick piece of wood.  The bark was left intact, so there was a nice, rustic border for the final gift I was making.  I decided to go with the antique copper bottle opener on the rustic piece of wood and the Jacobean stain. I made sure to sand and smooth down the wood to prepare the surface for the stain. I only used one light coat of stain for all three pieces and left it to fully dry over night.

Hardware – To Attach and Hanging the DIY bottle openers

Attaching the bottle openers to the wood was quite easy since the screws were included. All I did was take measurements to ensure that the bottle opener would be mounted in the middle, I used the screw holes for quick guidance. A power drill did the hard part for me after I made measurements.

After attaching the bottle openers to the wood, I attached hardware to hang the planks. All I used were picture frame hangers that can easily and cheaply be found at many home improvement stores.  In hindsight, I should have attached the hardware to hang the pieces before attaching the bottle openers. It was a little tricky doing this second since I mounted the opener on the reverse side already and couldn’t hammer on a flat surface. But no worries, I figured it out and was able to anyways!

Personalizing the  Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers


Polished Silver Coolinary Bottle Opener + Provincial Wood Stain + Baby Pink Acrylic Paint

So I decided the polished silver would go to my best friend and fellow craft beer junkie. She recently moved into her own place and is now working her big-girl job. I thought a clean, grown-up beer bottle opener would be the perfect addition to her house! She loves silver and is quite the girly-girl (which has always made crafting and gifting for her a blast) but is also totally becoming a professional boss lady. To make it hers, I taped off a section to paint using painter’s tape to ensure clean lines. I used acrylic paint to add a thick baby pink stripe to the wood plank. Simple and functional, yet cute. I also went back over the acrylic paint with a layer of Modge Podge for outdoor use. This will make sure it doesn’t peel and gives it a lovely shine.



Antique brass bottle opener + Dark Walnut wood stain + maroon and orange acrylic paint + a layer of Modge Podge for outdoor use

Another dear friend of mine just started her first year of graduate school at Virginia Tech. She’ll be getting the antique brass bottle opener to put in her new apartment. Hopefully, this beer opener will be perfect for when she needs to crack open a cold one after a long day of studying and teaching.  Her school colors are maroon and orange, so naturally that’s what I used to personalize hers. Using painter’s tape again, I marked off two areas to add diagonal stripes in her school colors. I also went back over the acrylic paint with a layer of Modge Podge for outdoor use. This will make sure it doesn’t peel and gives it a lovely shine. The antique brass looks stunning with the wood stain and autumn-themed Hokie colors, don’t ya think?!



Antique copper bottle opener + Jacobean wood stain + thick rope

Finally, was my most favorite, the antique copper mounted onto a “tree trunk slice.” I was going to give this as a gift, but I think I’ve already fallen in love with it. Oops!! I wanted to keep things simple as I planned to hang this one on our balcony. Instead of using the hangers I used in the other two gifts, I took a piece of thick rope and made a loop on the back.  A few goes with the staple gun easily and firmly attached the rope to the wood.  I just love the look of the antique copper once it was all done. The antique copper was such a perfect match for the rustic look of this beer bottle opener.


Overall Review – Coolinary Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers

This set of three Coolinary ready-to-mount bottle openers are perfect for any DIY project. I just did something simple, but the possibilities for this are endless.  And with the holiday season quickly approaching, you can do yourself a favor and get an early start on gifts for craft beer lovers. For under $14 bucks, you’ll get three openers made of high-quality steel in three different finishes that will last a lifetime.

What would you make with a set of wall-mounted bottle openers?

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