East Austin Brewery Guide

It seems (for now!) the dust has settled for breweries in East Austin. Which means I can now share my complete brewery guide for East Austin!

This area is one of my favorites in Austin. I feel lucky to have seen East Austin grown and flourish how it has in just a few years. During one of my first visits to the area a few years ago, there was just Hops & Grain! Now, there are 5 breweries in East Austin. Each one doing their own thing, and kicking ass at it.

East Austin Breweries

Whether you call this city your home, or you’re just here for a few days, here’s what makes these 5 East Austin breweries so incredible, and so ‘East Austin’:

Blue Owl Brewing

sour mashed stoutThe Cutest Brewery Award in Austin easily goes to Blue Owl Brewing. The walls and patio are sprinkled with succulents in the most darling planters. You’ll feel inspired for sure to get home and make some terrariums ASAP. And while it might feel small, the open taproom can actually fit a crowd well.

The East Austin brewery is known for their unique sour-mashing beers. The process and taste is wildly different from a barrel-aged sour that you’d enjoy at Jester King.

Sour-mashing is a much quicker process and the beers are closer to their native styles. So if it’s your first time visiting Blue Owl, I have to say you must try the Professor Black, a cherry sour stout. It will be like nothing you have ever had! 🙂

blue owl brewing taproom

blue owl brewing taproom

austin barrel program

There was a time when Blue Owl only offered a flight of 4 beers in 12 ounce glasses. It was a hefty flight, but plenty enough to split with a partner.  Now with three sizes: 5, 8, or 12, you can have a flight that fits your mood better than Goldilocks and her porridge.

When you do visit, you’ll have a choice of three sizes of flights that come with a glass to keep. Plus growler fills and beer to take away. Blue Owl has four core beers available in cans throughout Austin, but you’ll always have a few new seasonals to try with your visit.

Blue Owl’s completely dog-friendly taproom is open daily except Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re looking to learn more about the sour-mashing process, grab yourself a spot on one of the weekend brewery tours.

WEBSITE | 2400 E Cesar Chavez St #300

Friends & Allies Brewing Company

beer tap handles bear

Finally, finally, finally! Friends & Allies Brewing opened their taproom this spring in a beautiful, industrial building in East Austin. Long before there was a taproom, Austinites still were able to enjoy Friends & Allies.

The new taproom and brewing facility were highly anticipated and it’s already obvious the brewery is making good use of the new space.

Since 2015, Friends & Allies had had the help of 4th Tap’s brewing facilitates in North Austin. Though they were understandably somewhat limited to brewing just a few beers: Urban Chicken Saison, Fresh Coast IPA, and the Springdale White Ale.

Now those three beers, along with the Noisy Cricket Session IPA, are the East Austin brewery’s core beers. With their core beers down pat, Friends & Allies is looking forward to experimenting with more beer styles and more collaborations with local farms and restaurants.

east austin brewery guide

Some of the new beers on rotation during my most recent visit to Friends and Allies’ taproom in East Austin, included such beers as a Belgian Dark, Tart Orange Ale, and a Belgian Golden with Austin’s Flat Track Coffee. All of them were so unexpected both in style and taste. I think we can expect some great beer to come out of this brewery!

Friends & Allies Brewing is open Wednesday through Sundays. Feel free to bring your dog and hang out on their friendly porch. There’s board games and plenty of room for all of your friends!

WEBSITE | 979 Springdale Rd #124

Hops and Grain Brewing

This popular East Austin spot is one of the ‘older’ Austin breweries, and boy have they matured real well. Hops & Grain is most recognized for their pioneering experimentation with hops. I really never know what to expect when I get to visit the brewery, but that’s half of the fun!

Hops & Grain was one of the first Austin breweries I visited, years ago, and it’s been awesome to see how they’ve grown.

east austin brewery guide

What started as a large warehouse in a industrial, quiet spot in East Austin, has become a buzzing area for the whole community. The brewery is ALWAYS putting on some fun event and you can always count on a tasty food truck parked out front.

The brewery is open from 10am – 10pm daily, and it’s another great place to go in the morning for a coffee and some quiet time to work. Inside, they have plenty of seating for large groups, and outside, there’s a shaded dog-friendly area with some seriously Insta-worthy street art.

WEBSITE | 507 Calles St #101

Lazarus Brewing Co.

Ok, I don’t have favorites, but this place is a knockout from top to bottom. Lazarus Brewing Company is right in the middle of East Austin’s popular Sixth Street district; you’ll spot the brewery its bright teal exterior. Lazarus is another recent addition to the area and just about everyone who visits immediately falls in love.

Yea, that’s right, you don’t have to be a craft beer fan to love this East Austin brewery. Which is a shame because you’ll miss out on an incredible, phenomenal selection of high-quality craft beers.

For coffee lovers, you’ll love the cozy atmosphere and freshly roasted coffee. A perfect place overall to get some work done. And foodies, well, you’ll go crazy over their authentic and simple tacos and homemade salsas.

For craft beer lovers though, this brewery will only leaving you craving more. Lazarus Brewing is constantly experimenting and brewing the most-underrepresented styles of beer. I know we all say that so often, but really, this is a brewery that will make you excited about craft beer.

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east austin brewery guide

lazarus brewing

My favorite beer was their Jolted Phoenix, a golden ale infused with their coffee. But, many of Lazarus Brewing’s brews are one-offs, so try hard not to get too attached! Luckily, they’re always putting new styles on tap. After Jolted Phoenix, came Ransom, a coffee infused brown ale, which is just as perfect as it sounds.

This brewery in East Austin is dog-friendly and a great place to bring out of towners during their time in the neighborhood. Lazarus opens early every morning for coffee and breakfast tacos and stay open late for craft beer and more tacos. 🙂

WEBSITE | 1902 E 6th St

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom

contrasting beer styles

Last, but certainly not least is Zilker Brewing Company and their lively taproom right in the heart of East Sixth. There’s plenty of seating outside if you want a great view to drink beer and people watch. But if it’s too hot, find your spot inside where every step of the brewing process is put on display.

Once you’ve taken in the beauty of the brewery’s custom bar, crafted by local artists, Petrified Design, take a peek below. You’ll see the kegs and lines that transport some of Austin’s best craft beers into your glass.

The taproom always offers up a wide array of both interesting and classic beers. Zilker Brewing has a  unique style, “influenced by world travel and experimentation.”

Impressively, Zilker Brewing has become known for their skill in working with delicate trappist yeast strains and clean American techniques. Their beers are always balanced, while still complex, and with a proper finish.

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east austin brewery guide

Finally, I have to point out that Zilker has some incredible designs on their can labels. Sometimes featuring local artists, or just a fun pattern like the Marco IPA, the labels are always eye-catching and fun! Their cans are the craft beer equivalent of an Instagram-worthy mural and I love it!

Zilker Brewing in East Austin is open daily except Mondays. The brewery is dog-friendly inside and out, and you can always count on a food truck on-site or nearby.

WEBSITE | 1701 E 6th St

What’s your favorite East Austin brewery? Let me know in the comments!

east austin brewery

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