My First Week in Austin

My first week as a resident of Austin was busy, so busy. Busy with unpacking, busy with organizing, busy with sorting, but I also was busy exploring, and that I never mind. Check out what I was able to DISCOVER, DRINK, PLAY, and EAT during my first, unseasonably-hot, week here.


My New Neighborhoods:
First week in Austin

Burnet Flats – Home, sweet home

What’s good in the 56?!!?

My new home is right off of Burnet Road, which puts it right on the line of two very awesome neighborhoods: Allandale and Brentwood.  When we first started looking for apartments in Austin, we realized that location was of the utmost importance to us. We searched many neighborhoods on Google Maps but I fell head-over-heels the moment I came across this area of Austin and convincing Him this is where we didn’t take much.

I love my neighborhood, there is just so much to discover and its great location makes it easy to get around Austin. This area of town is known for its many vintage clothing stores and funky furniture shops, not to mention some of the best restaurants and bars are here too. It’s feels exhilarating having a whole new area to explore and fall in love with. Every morning we’ve woken up excited with the possibility of what we’re gonna do and experience that day. I have a feeling I won’t be leaving this area anytime soon.


Live Oak Brewing Company
First week in Austin

Our large, mildly pricey flight. We loved all of them but had reservations with the Weisser Rauch, or White Smoke, our first time with a smoke beer.

One of the things we did early on in our first week as Austin residents was visiting this city’s brewing pioneers, Live Oak Brewing Company. Out by the airport, their new brewery and tasting room are housed in a large, wooden building situated on a beautiful piece of quiet land.


Live Oak is by far most notable for their cloudy Hefeweizen (with notes of banana) and it’s easily the Beyonce of their flagship beers. We tried three of the four flagships; the Hefe, of course, Pilz, and the Big Bark amber lager (my favorite, they nailed the perfect balance of hops and malt), and we skipped their Liberation IPA. The only other mild letdown about this brewery is they are not dog-friendly. That’s not gonna stop me from coming back, their always evolving variety of beers are some that I’d like to taste and get to know better.

Austin Beerworks

First week in Austin

One of the coolest parts about living in of my neck of the woods here in Austin, is the proximity to a fair share of the city’s breweries. Austin Beerworks is widely popular and its industrial brewery is a few miles away from us. Dogs are also allowed here, but only outside. There’s plenty of tents outside so not much issue there. They’re on a token system that’s in place due to some funky beer laws here, it’s basically you pay $10 for a pint glass and they give you three tokens that will get you three fills. It’s a great value and you walk away with an Austin Beerworks pint glass (plus stickers, pins, and tattoos are free!).

When we visited they had three new sours (all great, of course!) and Gringo de Mayo, a Mexican-style lager that summer was made for. And of course, there were their immensely popular “Core Four.” I still haven’t decided which one of those are gonna be my “go-to” beer, it’s a close tie between Black Thunder (German-Style Schwarzbier) and Pearl Snap (German-style Pils) …

Austin Beerworks is undergoing an expansion  and judging from the rendering of their new tasting room, it’s gonna be incredible!


Yard Bar

It’s perfect, this is just one-half of the play area for large dogs (there’s an adjacent pen for puppies and small dogs). The Yard Bar is huge!

He and I, and the dog, had been very eager to visit Yard Bar ever since we saw an article mentioning the unique dog park and bar. Lucky for us, it’s just a few minutes down the road from our home. We got a month pass right away but after that visit we knew  we’d be better off going for the annual membership next. I was really delighted with how the place was run and all that it offered to dogs and their owners (lots of shade, WIFI, an agility course, a large food menu, a great beer selection, and some unique cocktails that I so look forward to trying), plus, it’s always super fun seeing those crazy dogs!


One of the Bark Rangers hanging out with the pooches at the watering bowls

But what sets it apart from other dog parks, and totally won us over, are the Yard Bar’s Bark Rangers. These heroes [employees] are armed with gentle tools that keep the yard clean and friendly and they fearlessly manage the dogs. This lets you, as a pet parent, enjoy your drink and relax (as you can imagine when alcohol is a factor, people might not always have the most watchful eye for their pooch). Yard Bar is a bar that fits right in in this uber dog-friendly city and it’s a natural, chill place to socialize on a weekend evening.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

One of the greatest things about living in Austin is the abundance of outdoor activities. Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of the standouts here and I never had the opportunity for a visit until this week. In an attempt to meet-up with a friend (I ran late and missed them!) we headed south with the Dog to take a swim and see what it’s all about. And we all fell in love with this water oasis, like immediately. On our first visit we barely even scratched the surface on what makes the Greenbelt an Austin treasure, but we are, after all, just getting started here.




This was another place that I had been dying to try before I even came down here! A place that serves brunch all day, every day?! Yes, sign me up please 🙂  We researched the menu a bit before coming in but our totally rad server, Jayme, was able to explain how we could work the menu to make our perfect brunch. Customization rules here and as a picky eater, it was a match made in heaven. I don’t think I’ll be eating the same thing twice here for quite some time, everything sounded so good.

Torchy’s Tacos

In proper fashion, I saved the best for last. When I found out that our new apartment was WALKING DISTANCE (even in the summer) to a Torchy’s, I knew I found our home. Breakfast tacos are not taken lightly here and as a passionate Tex-Mex junkie, it’s saying something that I am 100% Team Torchy’s . I love all of their sauces and I don’t feel crazy asking for a cup of all them, I’ll never settle on one. I’m not blessed enough to be super familiar with their menu, but I’m giving myself a few months until I find my perfect order. I don’t mind experimenting my way to that point either.

So, my first week as an Austin resident was incredible. I feel so at home in this city already and I can’t wait to see what my life becomes here. I know it’s gonna be great.


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  1. Charles Kelly says:

    I’m glad you are having a good time. I enjoyed reading your blog, cool notes about your favorite new spots, it seams that you are adjusting well. I wish you both the Best of Luck.

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