Halloween Weekend 2015

Halloween weekend for me this year was very different than I have ever done it. This is my first Halloween out of college and I was not into the idea of raging out at house parties and bars dressed in a skimpy outfit that would have left me freezing to death.  The holiday fell on a Saturday this year, which was just perfect.


My little kids with their pumpkin hats

Friday at my school we had a fall festival that was totally fun and chaotic. The kids searched for pumpkins and had different pumpkin related activities all morning.  There was even a special snack put together by all the parents. There were so many different, delicious fall treats, so we passed out plates with a little bit of everything on it. It was interesting to see how the kids didn’t really touch most of the food, mainly the stuff they didn’t know. I guess at that age they are just not into trying foods unfamiliar to them, but hey, I was the same way all of my childhood.


For the past two weeks we have been teaching them all about pumpkins!! Here is a craft they made to show the life cycle of a pumpkin, loved it!

After work Friday, He and I took to Warrenton to spend the holiday weekend at his parent’s house.  His parent’s had plans to go out of town so they left the important duty of handing out candy and making sure no one TP’d the house to us.  I have never lived in an area where we handed out candy to kids, everywhere I have lived was too rural. But their neighborhood was one that everyone came out to, they told us to expect upwards of 300 trick-or-treaters!! I was so excited!

On Saturday we started out the day getting our costumes ready. He and I went as old-school bank robbers with his dog as the county sheriff. Cute, but simple.  I was convinced that everyone else would be wearing costumes all day so that’s just what we did. Not the case so much! We went to lunch at Wegman’s, no one there (besides a few children) were wearing costumes!! We had plans to go to Stone Tower Winery after lunch and I still optimistic people there would be dressed up.


Taking in the beautiful fall weather at Stone Tower, wish I had more pictures!!

I wasn’t totally wrong, there were a few groups of people dressed up, some in more outrageous costumes than ours. Honestly though, I didn’t really ever feel embarrassed wearing the outfit, it was simple and casual enough that it wasn’t obnoxious. It was Halloween day after all!! Plus, people really loved seeing the dog dressed up.

We went to Stone Tower Winery, a forty minute drive out into the country in Leesburg County, to cash in some free wine tastings that His parents had given us. The place was absolutely breathtaking, the view was phenomenal and the barn-style tasting room was adorable. One of the prettiest wineries I have been to yet. The property was large and had plenty of seating for groups small and large. They are dog-friendly, even in the tasting room!


It was such a fun day, I forgot to take better pictures of our outfits!

Their tasting was quite condense, two options of either four or six of their wines. Of course we opted for the six tastings of their reserve wines.  We started out with a brut sparkling wine and I was so excited to try it! All of their wines were very exquisite and lovely, prices were a bit high but not totally unreasonable. Service was great and the crowd was young and hip. I would love to go back there one day and bring a picnic to spend more time enjoying the beautiful view.20151031_174702

After the winery it was time to get back to the house to prepare for the trick-or-treaters! We posted up out front with some Bold Rock cider and marveled at all the costumes this year. There were young kids with clever costumes but also older kids who were definitely looking to score some free candy. His neighborhood had so much going on at all of the houses! Everyone really outdid each other. There were kids running around everywhere! It was great to be on the other side of this tradition, even though it did make me feel too much like an adult!

We ran out of candy almost three hours in and then we shut off all the lights to let the kids know that this house was closed for business. We started a fire out back and enjoy a bottle of prosecco and some more cider, plus some good conversation before we finally called it a night!

The next day we had gained an extra hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time, so we decided to take advantage of that and hit up Route 151 in Nelson County on the way back home! But I’ll leave that for the next blog post 🙂

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