How to Properly Overpack

by Caitlin J

IMG_9681I think it’s silly to apply one packing method to all of my (and all of your) trips.  This is exactly why I have a few differe
nt ways to pack depending on where I am going and for how long. This time I am flying to Austin to stay five days at an AirBnb in East Downtown.  A short but very important trip where I’ll be doing everything amazing the city has to offer, which is quite a diverse range: outdoor activities, swimming, shopping at hip stores, going bar-hopping to see live music, etc. Intentionally, I over packed but since this trip was less than a week and in a hip US
city I wanted to have a lot of fun outfits to choose from.  (Also, Austin is much hotter than where I am from and I had some outfits in mind intended just for that weather type)IMG_9662

I decided to bring my 40L High Sierra Women’s Backpack purely for comfort and because I like to be hands-free in airports.  The greatest thing about this pack, besides the wonderfully feminine color, is how it is perfectly sized for carry-on (check with Delta, as they have smaller bin sizes than every other airline). Lots of adjustable straps and compartments allow maximum use for every inch and compression to make your bag even smaller.






IMG_9676Another helpful travel item that I adore are the                       Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes. I have four of these bad boys in total (two large, two small) and they are the biggest
lifesavers. I always tried to work with those bags that you could roll the air out of, but the seals on those suck and they are hardly what you would consider reusable.  These, however are made of a lightweight, strong material and feature high-quality zippers to compress your items together with confidence.  The zippers are extremely strong and that’s crucial for a job like this!! The fabric is great too as it helps everything slide in and out of your pack quickly. And if you’re a person who needs to be organized, you can imagine how important these packing cubes are.

Many packing cubes claim they compress, but I have never seen one do to it to this degree:
  • Small bag one held: seven tops (tanks/short sleeves)
  • Small bag two held: two bathing suits, ten pairs of underwear, three bralettes gym shorts, and two bras
  • Large bag held: five shorts (four of which are denim), three light, long-sleeve shirts, and two day dresses

And all of those fit inside the main body of the backpack (along with my laptop and a simple jewelry rollup organizer). I was so amazed by these items’ compression abilities and it definitely added to the over packing problem that I totally embraced for this trip.IMG_9688

 Additionally in the pack:
  • Five pairs of shoes in the bottom compartment (three sandals, two flats)
  • Mini-flatiron, quart-size toiletry bag, makeup gear case (all inside the pocket on top of pack)
  • A canvas tote and laptop charger that I slid into the drink-holder side pockets

See! You can over pack and not check any bags, you just have to have the right gear! Although I would never apply this ideology to a longer trip (7+ days) or any trip that would require travel within itself. Please ask me any questions or offer any more helpful tips you have about your packing methods! And stay tuned for Austin adventures!

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kitkatdana September 5, 2015 - 6:59 pm

Those compression bag looks great! I’m going to for sure have to look more into getting some of those, even just for weekend trips!


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