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Staying at Jester King Brewery’s Cabins Near Austin, Tx [Review]

by Caitlin J
Jester King Brewery Inn

Recently, I had quite the “craft-beer-bucket-list” experience. Jason, our two dogs, and I traveled out to the Texas Hill Country to stay at a cabin that was steps away from the world-famous Jester King Brewery. 

With the brewery’s new Jester King Inn, you can have your choice of cabins (choose from one of the campsites) that are all a jump, hop, and a skip away from some of the best beer in the nation. 

After staying at one of the cabins and getting to experience the beauty of Texas Hill Country (and farm breweries), I can tell you firsthand that they offer one of the best beercation experiences in Texas. I had such a great time during my stay and highly recommend it!

About Jester King Brewery

First off, if you don’t already know, let’s talk about why Jester King is so incredible.

  • Jester King Brewery sits on 165 acres in the Texas Hill Country, just 30 minutes from downtown Austin.
  • The brewery is most well known for its spontaneously fermented and wild, farmhouse ales.
  • Over the past several years, Jester King has grown beyond simply brewing beer. They now have a vineyard, a hopyard, baby goats, and a farm to grow ingredients used in their beers and the restaurant. 

Learn more about Jester King on their website here.

Staying at the Jester King Inn

Located in the Texas Hill Country, Jester King Brewery offers a great beercation experience.  With cabins and campsites on the property, you can enjoy the brewery for the weekend or just for an evening. Cabins are available for rent with individual rooms and private bathrooms, perfect for a getaway or honeymoon.

Yes, you read that right, Jester King Brewery has cabins now! Jester King Inn is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of nearby Austin, Texas. 

The Inn offers five properties in various sizes ranging from two up to ten guests, so whether you are looking for your next couple’s weekend or a girl’s trip-The Jester King Inn has something for everyone!

Location, Location, Location

Jester King Brewery sits on 165 acres in the Texas Hill Country, just 30 minutes from Austin. With several new cabins and campsites on the property, you can enjoy that same Hill Country feeling all weekend long.

This is a perfect overnight or weekend getaway spot because you can explore one of the best breweries in Texas while staying on their property! You can also enjoy their new goat tours or take advantage of being located in the heart of the Hill Country booze trail.

Coyote Cabin Features

Jester King Brewery

I was recently hosted overnight at the Inn and it was such a wonderful experience. We checked into the Coyote Cabin which was an old-fashioned bungalow originally built in the 1900s. 

It was eventually moved out to Jester King and has since undergone renovations using all salvaged materials. The unique hardwood floors, large windows, and cozy feel of the cabin make it a great place to stay with family and or friends.

  • Jester King Brewery
  • Jester King Brewery
  • Jester King Brewery
  • Jester King Brewery
  • Jester King Brewery

Here are some of the other features of this cabin at Jester King:

  • Made for large groups, it has 7 beds and can hold 10 guests.
  • Two private rooms upstairs, and bunk beds on the first floor.
  • Large kitchen and communal dining room. 
  • WiFi is provided, but there are no TVs.
  • And of course, the cabin is dog-friendly.

Click here to book your room at the Coyote Cabin

The Cabins at Jester King Inn

Of course, the Coyote Cabin is not the only cabin at Jester King. The cabins are all arranged in a circle hidden off to the side of the brewery. The four other cabins all offer something different depending on what you’re looking for.

Jester King Brewery
  • Bobcat Cabin, perfect for a small family, features a bed nook and loft, a dining area, and a downstairs daybed.
  • Bunting House, perfect for a couple, is a large studio room with a queen-sized Murphy bed and kitchenette. 
  • Dillo Cabin is a bit larger than the previous two and features a bed nook/loft area, a fridge and a kitchenette, as well as a front porch.
  • Ruby Cabin is a 2-bedroom cabin perfect for larger families. With a porch on three sides, it’s the ultimate cabin for relaxing in Hill Country’s beauty.

Along with the above cabin, there is also a selection of campsites available to book as well. Included with the campsites are climate-controlled bathhouses with hot showers, your own picnic table, and a common campfire area. Learn more about the campsites here.

Jester King Inn: Amenities Included

Jester King Brewery

The Jesters King Inn offers a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient. Cabins are fully furnished with beds, linens, towels, and a full kitchen. 

You will have access to fire pits and outdoor grills. There is also a stone patio to read or lounge on after a long day at the brewery.

Jester King Inn: Pricing and Booking Details

Jester King Brewery

The cabins are available starting at $120/night and include a private bedroom, bathroom with shower, and a small kitchenette. They all include a porch or patio with outdoor furniture.

To book your stay at Jester King’s new cabins near Austin, TX, visit their website here.

Exploring the Cabins at Jester King

So checking into the cabin is all on you, which I kinda prefer. I was sent an email with all my check-in information beforehand, so once we got to the cabin we were able to get in and settled quickly.

When we arrived, Jester King had left us a trio of beers which I was so excited about. I even glanced at the cabinet thinking, “this would be the place that has proper glassware” and wouldn’t you know it, they did! I’m not sure if these beer welcome gifts come with every visit to the Bobcat Cabin but they made checking in so exciting.

Jester King Brewery

Once we came and took all the photos (of the undisturbed property) I needed for this blog post and social media, it was time to take in all that the cabin had to offer properly.

Overall, it was a gorgeous cabin, with plenty of room for a group. I was just imagining me and the gals coming out here and having a BLAST.

I will note that the bottom floor was a bit chilly while the top floor stayed quite warm thanks to the central air. We came in Spring when temps go high and low so I can’t speak to how it will be in the summer. But as someone who grew up in an old farmhouse with no central air, it’ll probably stay quite cool on the first floor in the summer with the second floor having chilly AC.

Dinner Time at Jester King Brewery

After getting settled, we very quickly wanted to take that hop, jump, and skip over to Jester King! We jumped over there to grab some brews and some pizza. The dogs always love it out here, so much room for the to explore (though it is required that dogs stay on leash while here).

We got a yummy marg pizza, my favorite kind, and a few samplers of beer. We also were able to purchase cold beer from the brewery to take back home to enjoy later that evening. I guess since the cabins are still “on-premise” it was all good.

Jester King Brewery

After a few bites and brews at the brewery, we decided to visit some of our other nearby favorite places. Before we left, we had a quick potty break and discovered that we didn’t have any water in the cabin.

It was late, around 7, so I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get this issue fixed, at least easily. So I texted the number provided in the welcome email and they very promptly sent someone to come fix the water. We headed off to the second dinner and while we were gone they fixed the water issue and left us even more beer!

It was so reassuring that even if there was an issue, the Jester King team was prepared to handle and take care of the problem right away. I mean, folks, we aren’t in the city, stuff happens!

Cozied Up on the Front Porch

So we headed out to explore a few spots before they closed. Gosh, it was weird being out here on a weekday night, we’ve always been so used to coming out here on weekend mornings!!

Once we headed out we went for a quick flight at Fitzhugh before going for cocktails and dinner #2 at Treaty Oak. One of the most exciting parts about staying at Jester King Inn is how close you are to a hotbed of Dripping Springs breweries and distilleries!

When we came back, our water was fixed, I got a text while we were away to let us know, and it was time to cozy up on my favorite thing in the world: a front porch! (Like seriously, I refuse to EVER own a house without a front porch. I mean, can you imagine being that rude to your guests?!!?)

Jester King Brewery

So we grabbed a few of the blankets provided in the cabin and a bottle of Jester King beer to do some porch chilling with the dogs.

It was amazing.

Even though there were a few cabins right around us, it was so quiet. We got to see the stars, a rare sight for us Austinites.

The dogs fell asleep immediately, and Louie curled up in the blanket I brought from home. As we were falling asleep in the rocking chairs, I thought to myself, “Ah this is the life.”

Hanging Out with the Goats at Jester King

Jester King Brewery Goats

One of the highlights of any trip to Jester King, whether it’s a day trip or a stay at their Inn, is playing with the baby goats! (Ps. This is an experience you’ll need to buy tickets for onsite, day of.)

Jester King offers a hands-on experience and farm tour with their herd of over 50 Nigerian Dwarf goats. It is a unique one-of-a-kind experience that will teach you all that Jester King does on their farm.

More information about current Goat Tours can be found here.

Stay Overnight– or Make it a Weekend Trip

With several new cabins and campsites on the property, you can enjoy that same Hill Country feeling for more than a single afternoon. 

  • For people traveling to Austin, this will make a unique place to stay for a night or two to explore Hill Country.
  • For locals, you’ll love staying at the nearby Jester King Inn. It’s a perfect place to relax (or adventure) as much as you’d like!

If you don’t have time to stay for the whole weekend or want to experience Jester King overnight, these cabin rentals are a perfect option. You’ll get your own private space with all the amenities you need and be within walking distance of Jester King!

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Jester King Brewery Inn

I’m looking forward to my next stay at Jester King Brewery! If you’re interested in spending some time in Texas Hill Country or want an enjoyable beercation experience with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, I highly recommend Jester King.

If you are planning a trip to the Texas Hill Country, Jester King Brewery is just one of many adventures you can enjoy. Check out these other Big World, Small Girl travel guides to learn more about what you should do while in the Texas Hill Country.

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