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17 Cool Products to Keep Drinks Cold All Summer Long

by Caitlin
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It’s hard to stay cool when it’s hot. Lucky for you, I’ve gathered up my favorite products to keep drinks cold all summer long.

Most of these items are personally owned and loved by yours truly. Many have been tested to weather the hottest of summer afternoons in Texas. So you know they’re built to last.

The thing is, I love hanging outside. I love the heat of summertime. It’s a huge reason why I relocated to Texas from Virginia.


There is one thing I hate.



Below are my top favorites from the list. Don’t stop here though! Keep reading to see more fun products to keep cool this summer.

My Favorite Products to Keep Drinks Cold

In this shopping guide, I’ve sorted the products into four categories: coolers, koozies, drinking vessels such as cups and growlers, and then outdoor accessories (which is just a fun grab bag of summertime backyard products to stay cool).

So, whether you’re at the beach, hanging in your backyard, or going on an adventure hiking through nature, I’ve got the items you need to keep your drinks cool.

Best Coolers for Your Summer Adventures

First, you’re going to need something to hold all that summer beer

There are so many coolers these days to do the job. You’ve got backpack coolers, fannypack coolers, and even floating kayak coolers!

But sometimes, you just need to keep it simple…

Whichever type of coolers you’re looking for, here are my favorites to keep your drinks cold.

54-Quart Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

products to keep cool

The Coleman steel cooler is our choice cooler. It keeps ice cold for up to four days and is built to deliver years of performance with rust-resistant stainless steel hardware. I love the retro look of it the most. I will say this is a great camping cooler, but not one for if you’re on the move~

More colors available on Amazon

YETI Tank Bucket Cooler

products to keep cool

This YETI Tank Bucket Cooler 45 will keep 52 cans or a slim quarter keg of your favorite beer icy cold for your next get-together. I think it’d be perfect for a boat or at the next tailgate. If you’ve got any of those going on, please do invite your girl. :)

More sizes and colors available on Amazon

CreekKooler’s Floating Cooler

products to keep cool

CreekKooler is an innovative floating cooler designed with dual-wall construction and top quality insulation resulting in superior ice retention. You can tow it behind a float or your kayak to keep your beverages cold and always within reach. Pictured above is the 15 quart “Pup” cooler.

More colors and size options available on Amazon.

Insulated Soft Cooler Backpack

keep drinks cold

Maybe you’re someone who likes to stay on the go. Well if that’s you, this leak proof, soft backpack cooler is a great, lightweight option for keeping your favorite beverages cold on your next hike. This is a hands-free cooler (that holds up to 30 cans), so I also imagine it would be great for a picnic at the park with your dogs and/or kids. It also has plenty of organization for all your on-the-go imbibing needs.

Four color options available on Amazon

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Gopacka Insulated Fanny Pack Cooler

keep drinks cold

Now, I don’t know about you, but that woman in the photo above is looking like a boss with her fanny pack cooler. I absolutely love this product. It’s a fun gag gift but also pretty functional if you find yourself going to parties and social functions often. And if you’re a beer nerd who doesn’t like sharing any of their special brews, keep them close to your (beer) gut with this fanny pack.

More colors available on Amazon.

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

keep drinks cold

This barely classifies as a cooler, but technically this inflatable palm tree cooler matches the requirements… It’s a large vessel, that when filled with ice, will keep your drinks cold for hours. This one is a bit more fun though, and is definitely style over function. However, if you have a group to entertain, I could see this cooler being a big hit at your backyard party!

Check it out on Amazon.

Koozies to Keep Drinks Ice Cold

Ok, there are so many koozies out there. Most of them are not going to keep your ice cold can of Pilsner cold to the last drop though. These two below will… Even in 100+ degree weather.

I use these koozies on an almost daily basis. They are a little pricey, especially compared to the free ones you get for free at beer festivals. So just look at it as an investment!

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Seriously, these double-walled insulated koozies will keep your beverages cold to the very last sip.

Want a tip? Store them in the freezer to enhance their cooling powers

Corksicle’s Arctican Insulated Koozie

corkicle artican

Seriously, Corkcicle’s Artican koozies are one of my favorite products to keep drinks cold. We received a pair of these as a gift and have used them frequently over the past two years. They still look as good as the day we got them. Couldn’t recommend this product more.

More colors and sizes available on the Corkcicle website.

Yeti’s Colster Can

products to keep cool

Similar to the Artican above, YETI’s insulated koozie is made for keeping cans cold. There are multiple color options in two sizes for both 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans.

See the whole selection here, on Amazon.

Non-Tipping Insulated Koozie from Toadfish

non-tipping koozie

Wagging tails and rocky waves are no match for the non-tipping insulated koozie from Toadfish! The Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler is the first of its kind non-spillable beverage cooler. Their innovative SmartGrip technology allows the koozie to stick to any smooth surface and it’s double-insulation ensures your drink stays cold.

Additional colors available on Amazon.

Vessels to Hold Your Favorite Cold Beverages

MiiR’s Insulated Growler

products to keep cool

Miir’s growler is my go-to, everyday growler. It’s simple, sleek, and does a great job of keeping beer fresh and cold for days. I get a lot of compliments from brewery staff on this, and I love to recommend it to those looking for a new growler! It’s insulated so it does a great job of keeping your beer cold. I love taking this thing on the go, to a party or hike, and I don’t have to worry about ice or anything to keep it cool!

More colors available on Amazon.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler

ukeg growler

The GrowlerWerks Carbonated uKeg Growler is the top-of-the-line beer growler. While it’s carbonated to keep your beer fresh just like on tap, it’s also double-walled so it will also keep your beer ice cold for hours and hours!

More colors and sizes available on Amazon.

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YETI Rambler 10 oz Lowball

products to keep cool

YETI’s vacuum insulated, stainless steel tumbler is a classic product to help keep your drinks cold in Summer. It comes in dozens of colors (as well as others sizes), but most importantly it does what it says: keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold.

More colors available on Amazon.

BrüMate’s Insulated Champagne Flute with Lid

keep drinks cold

BrüMate’s 12oz insulated Champagne flute comes with a flip-top lip that keeps carbonation in. Best part though, is this gorgeous, unbreakable champagne flute can hold half a bottle of your favorite bubbly!

More colors available on Amazon.

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Corkcicle’s 25oz Canteen Water Bottle

keep drinks cold

I have a few of these stainless steal canteens from Corkcicle. The 25oz size perfectly holds a bottle of wine. Since it is also tripe insulated, it keeps that bottle of wine (or “water”) chilled for several hours. This canteen is shatterproof and can take a beating. It’s pretty light on its own so you can easily carry it on the go.

Dozens of colors and patterns (along with more sizes) are available on Amazon.

BrüMate MargTini 10oz Tumbler

keep drinks cold

Made with vacuum-insulated stainless steel, Brumate has created this tumbler to keep your margitas, palomas, and martinis ice cold. This is a great gift for the boozehound in your life!

Order yours on Amazon.

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Reusable Ice Cubes

keep drinks cold

These reusable ice cubes are a great way to keep your cocktails, beer, wine, and other beverages cold while hanging out outside. And they won’t water your drink down!

Get a pack (or two) on Amazon.

BONUS!! Inflatable Drink Holders

products to keep cool

These fun inflatable drink floaties won’t keep beverages cold, but they will give you a helping hand while you’re chilling in the pool. They’re a fun addition to any pool or lake party. Which once again, if you’re having, I cannot stress enough that you should invite me!

Get a pack of 12 on Amazon.

How do you stay cool in summer? Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this guide, do be a friend and share it with a friend.

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products to Keep drinks cold
products to Keep drinks cold

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