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Innovation and Inventions at the 2017 FoodBytes! Austin

FoodBytes! is a pitch competition-meets-networking event from Rabobank that aims to bring together the game-changers pioneering the future of food and agriculture. This week I got to attend an innovative event that was a cross between a foodie Shark Tank and a networking conference for

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Friday Favorites: Shopping Local

This Friday I want to share my most favorite places to go and get local or Austin-made goods. Back home, in Blacksburg, Virginia, we had a huge presence of local vendors and artists. The whole community shared this attitude of, “buy local, eat local, be local,” and I’m impressed to see that a big city like Austin can have that same vibe. So here goes it:

My First Week in Austin

My first week as a resident of Austin was busy, so busy. Busy with unpacking, busy with organizing, busy with sorting, but I also was busy exploring, and that I never mind.

Check out what I was able to DISCOVER, DRINK, PLAY, and EAT during my first, unseasonably-hot, week here.

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