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An Insider’s Guide to North Austin’s Brewery District

by Caitlin

Lucky for me, I live right next to a hot bed of great Austin breweries. North Austin is home to some of the best brews this city has! From the Black Thunder at Austin Beerworks, to 4th Tap’s Renewal, and now with Oskar Blue’s Dale Pale Ale; this side of town is straight-up a theme park for beer drinkers!

So here’s my reviews (packed with helpful information) of the six breweries who have made a home for themselves in North Austin.

4th Tap Brewing Cooperative

Spacious worker-owned microbrewery with picnic tables & a projector screen in an industrial taproom.

4th tap brewing

An Austin brewery “born out of a shared passion for brewing delicious, interesting, and refreshing beers,” is the story behind 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative.  They’re the first worker-owned, cooperatively-governed production brewery in Texas!

The first homebrew batch was 10 years ago, but geez, have they aged well! Their stunning, large taproom is easy on the eyes and makes the perfect space for some fun events.

  • Must Try Beer: Sun Eater, a gluten-free, hop-free Rosemary Gruit (& one of my favorite beers in the city!)
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, inside/outside | Beer to go? No
  • Address: | Website
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Austin Beerworks

Colorful and open taproom in North Austin with four simple year-beers that will knock your socks off. Plus, a rotating list of seasonals that keeps this town coming back to the taproom for more.

austin beerworks

  • Must Try Beer: Pearl Snap, the German-style pilsner that is absolutely perfect.
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, outside | Beer to go? No
  • Address: | Website

Adelbert’s Brewery

Austin Micro-brewery that specializes in farmhouse and Belgian-style brews.

Adelberts brewery

Adelbert’s Brewery was founded in 2011 and since then they have cranked out enough innovative Farmhouse and Belgian-style beers to earn themselves a solid reputation in this city. Most of their beers are heavy in alcohol content and at the same time, totally drinkable!

The beer is kept in casks that line the walls, floor to ceiling, and it makes for a beautiful and intimate tasting room. The names of their brews are hilarious, so that’s what I use as my guide when trying out a new brew.   The staff here are AWESOME, very funny and helpful. You can tell they’ve got a great team behind all those awesome Austin beers.

  • Must Try Beer: Tripel B, a strong, hay-colored Belgian-Style Tripel, that’s a perfect balance of spice and fruit flavors.
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, outside | Beer to go? Yes
  • Address: | Website
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Black Star Co-Op

Employee-owned brewery serving beers alongside food in a large industrial space with a pet-friendly patio.

black star coop

Black Star Co-op prides itself on being the first cooperatively-owned and worker self-managed brewpub in the world. (A co-op, short for co-operative, is a business owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.

Members of Black Star created their brewpub to be a democratic workplace, with livable wages for employees, while devoting themselves to using only the best local ingredients.  FYI, The patio is dog-friendly and they’re fabulously located right at Austin’s Crestview Light Rail Station.

  • Must Try Beer: Can’t Quit You series, an ongoing collaboration with Blue Owl.
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, outside | Beer to go? Yes
  • Address: | Website
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The Brewtorium

Homebrewers Chris and Whitney finally opened their own place and it’s gotta plenty of room for them to expand. Delicious food, even better beer.


Home brewers Chris Rauschuber and Whitney Roberts just opened their brewpub in North Austin making small plates in-house to serve alongside German-style beers. These two have had plenty of practice brewing, so they’ve been able to open up to the public with a long list of clean and refreshing beers.

  • Must Try Beer: Electric Lederhosen, a Vienna Lager that’s amber in color and toasty in flavor.
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, outside | Beer to go? Yes
  • Address: 6015 Dillard Circle, 78752 | Website

Celis Brewing

Austin’s first craft brewery founded by famed Belgian brewer and creator of the original Hoegaarden witbier, Pierre Celis.


Celis Brewery in Austin, Texas gained national and international notoriety way back in 1992, years before craft beer was anything like what it is now. The beer that put Pierre Celis on the map was his heavenly Celis White, a Belgian witbier. Now the brewery is back and being run by his daughter, Christine Celis, and granddaughter, Daytona.

The brewery’s taproom has an eye-catching centerpiece: the original Celis Brewery’s hand-beaten copper kettle from the early 1900s! The legendary Celis White, known as the “Father of Witbier” was first brewed by Christine Celis’ father back in 1965. The return of the brewery also means, much to the delight of Austin craft beer drinkers, the return of this flavorful, ‘perfect for any occasion’ craft beer.

  • Must Try Beer: Celis White, the Belgian witbier that started it all.
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, inside | Beer to go? No
  • Address: 10001 Metric Boulevard, 78758 | Website
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Circle Brewing

Brewery with a dog-friendly taproom that brews beers following the German Purity laws of only using water, malt, hops, & yeast.

circle brewing

Founded in 2010, Circle Brewing Company has a taproom in North Austin that is just as fun and hip as they are.  Circle Brewing believes in “Purity Through Simplicity,” and this manifests itself in the quality of their beers.

Using only the four main ingredients, water, malt, hops, and yeast, they brew some tasty beers. Their Blur Texas Hefe and Alibi Blonde are my two favorites, but with a constant rotation of seasonal beers, it’s really hard to stay loyal to one or two.

Their taproom is industrial (I mean, basically, all of these breweries are in an industrial/warehouse area) but decorated with fresh succulents and greenery, and a large chalkboard detailed with brews and highlights.

  • Must Try Beer: The summertime favorite, Fanny Pack Kolsch. It’s the one in the neon-colored can!
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, inside/outside | Beer to go? Yes
  • Address: 10615 Metric Boulevard, 78758 | Website
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Oskar Blues Brewery Austin

Taproom featuring beers, on-site food trucks & live music in a large, industrial space.

oskar blues

Ok, Ok- this one isn’t an Austin brewery by birth, but it’s an Austin transplant like so many of us! So, it still deserves a place on this list. Oskar Blues, most famously known for its Dale’s Pale Ale, opened their Austin taproom just last month. This is a Colorado brewery that knows the game; they’ve been brewing and canning beers since 2002!

The large taproom in Austin features some totes rad art and a sizable stage making it a stellar Austin music venue.

  • Must Try Beer: Hotbox Coffee IPA, a unique pairing but the piney flavors match great with the infusion of cold brew.
  • Dog-Friendly? Yes, inside/outside | Beer to go? No
  • Address: 10615 Metric Boulevard, 78758 | Website
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Bonus Pit Stop…

Fairweather Cider Co.

fairweather cider

Even though Texas isn’t known for their apples, cider is having quite a moment here in Austin. And now, we’ve got a killer cidery joining the breweries up north.

Even if you’re strictly a beer drinker, you have to make a stop here. Know that the two founders, John Staples and Michael Gostomski, are both beer drinkers themselves! In fact, what makes Fairweather Cider so unique instead of using the typical champagne yeast, they’re using a farmhouse ale yeast.

Currently, the duo have two stars that stand out in their stellar, and long tap list: Common and Tejano Dreams. Their first cider was Common, a super dry farmhouse style table cider that’s, as John says, “one you’re going to be drinking everyday.” Tejano Dreams is  fermented with Anaheim peppers, and you’ll get more fresh chile notes over the expected spicy heat.

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Which North Austin brewery is your favorite?! Leave it in the comments! Also, make you’re subscribed to my blog/website. I would hate for you to miss out on any of my Austin adventures & beer discoveries! Heading East? Check out my East Austin Brewery Guide!

Austin, Texas Brewery Guide: North Austin

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