Austin – Day Two

So our first full day in Austin was packed full of some of the best places in the city. Shopping, swimming, and catching up with an old friend kept us busy all day. (To read about Austin – Day One, click here!) We drove down

Austin – Day One

Austin, Day One – He and I landed and received our rental car with a few hours to spare before our check-in time at our AirBnb. So I decided that a stop at Graffiti Park would be the best place to kick-off our five day

How to Properly Overpack

I think it’s silly to apply one packing method to all of my (and all of your) trips.  This is exactly why I have a few differe nt ways to pack depending on where I am going and for how long. This time I am

Black Snake Meadery

After our stop at Foggy Bottom, our pourer suggested we visit Blacksnake Meadery as it was only a mile away. On our way up I had mentioned to my boyfriend that there was a meadery nearby, but it didn’t really spark our interest right away.

foggy ridge cider

Foggy Ridge Cider

Sadly, what most Americans think of when they think of cider is that overly sugary, fizzy beverages in the beer aisle at the grocery store. This past weekend I got to experience, for the first time, the true taste of hard cider at Foggy Ridge

Chateau Morrisette

“THE WINERY THAT DOGS BUILT.” One of the biggest and oldest wineries in Virginia is also located in the county I grew up in, Floyd County. Chateau Morrisette was founded by David Morrisette in 1980 and has grown immensely since then. Sitting on 13 acres

Starr Hill Brewery

In our state, Starr Hill Brewery is an immensely popular microbrewery.  Their beers can be found in many grocery stores and their beers are on tap in even more bars. So when He and I passed it on the way back from a wedding this

Cooper Vineyards

Cooper Vineyards Winery – Louisa County, Virginia This past weekend I was in Fredericksburg, Virginia for a dear friend’s wedding. The route back home on Sunday took my boyfriend and I all through central Virginia. We passed many vineyards and wineries before spontaneously deciding to

Top Ten: New River Valley

Top Ten: Things to do in the New River Valley Get authentic El Salvadorian food on the cheap at Latino’s Taste in Radford I recommend the pupusas and fried yuca! It’s large enough to split with two. Don’t forget to grab an ice-cold Mexican Coke


 “What we have planned for ourselves isn’t always what life has planned for us” Recently I have changed gears and there has been a slight change of plans. Well, more of a delay of plans. Since I haven’t saved up as much as I would