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Independence Brewing Austin Amber | Beer Review

It was the boldly-colored theater marquee label that caught my eye but I do have a weakness for loving amber beers. With summer “ending,” I know my favorite season of beer drinking is right around the corner! Ambers and stouts are my favorite types of beers, but not ideal for these hot Austin days. This amber beer from Independence Brewing Co. however, is perfect for transitioning to cooler weather.

My First Week in Austin

My first week as a resident of Austin was busy, so busy. Busy with unpacking, busy with organizing, busy with sorting, but I also was busy exploring, and that I never mind.

Check out what I was able to DISCOVER, DRINK, PLAY, and EAT during my first, unseasonably-hot, week here.

Route 151 in Nelson County – Take Two

On the first day of November He and I took advantage of the extra hour of sleep to head through Nelson Count and a pay second visit to Route 151 We stopped at four very distinct places and maybe the weather had something to do

Halloween Weekend 2015

Halloween weekend for me this year was very different than I have ever done it. This is my first Halloween out of college and I was not into the idea of raging out at house parties and bars dressed in a skimpy outfit that would

Pickin’ Pumpkins at Sinkland Farms

For as long as I can remember visits to Sinkland Farms were synonymous with the fall season.  Halloween cannot pass without a visit to this New River Valley farm.  Couples, families, and college students alike flock here on the weekends to get lost in the

A Weekend of Virginia Wine & Beer

My past weekend was full of visiting top-notch breweries and a magnificent winery where I was given the VIP treatment. My boyfriend and I went to his parent’s place in northern Virginia and as always we were able to find some great places. The second

Austin – Day Four

Our last full day in Austin was such a mix of random things all over the city that we hadn’t yet done. We started our day with an all-you-can-eat brunch at Taco’s and Tequila near Lamar Street. We met up with my old friend and

Austin – Day Three

Saturday He and I were quite the typical tourists. We hung out downtown and walked around University of Texas (HOOK EM!) before going to a massive brewery exclusive to Austin. Deciding to totally skip the typical Sixth Street experience of getting totally tanked and rowdy,