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Pumpkin Beer Round-Up

Cold weather brings out the heavy craft beer drinker in me. And it starts at the beginning of Fall when it’s pumpkin season! Pumpkin beers are pretty polarizing in the craft beer community, but I’m 100% Team Pumpkin Beer (and it’s all good by me if you don’t like them).

diy beer opener

DIY Project – Personalized Beer Openers

Back in my sorority days, I loved DIY and crafting for my friends, but since graduating and moving I don’t get to do that much these days. That is until I found this pack of 3 bottle openers. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in

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Friday Favorites: Shopping Local

This Friday I want to share my most favorite places to go and get local or Austin-made goods. Back home, in Blacksburg, Virginia, we had a huge presence of local vendors and artists. The whole community shared this attitude of, “buy local, eat local, be local,” and I’m impressed to see that a big city like Austin can have that same vibe. So here goes it:

Pickin’ Pumpkins at Sinkland Farms

For as long as I can remember visits to Sinkland Farms were synonymous with the fall season.  Halloween cannot pass without a visit to this New River Valley farm.  Couples, families, and college students alike flock here on the weekends to get lost in the

How to Properly Overpack

I think it’s silly to apply one packing method to all of my (and all of your) trips.  This is exactly why I have a few differe nt ways to pack depending on where I am going and for how long. This time I am

Chateau Morrisette

“THE WINERY THAT DOGS BUILT.” One of the biggest and oldest wineries in Virginia is also located in the county I grew up in, Floyd County. Chateau Morrisette was founded by David Morrisette in 1980 and has grown immensely since then. Sitting on 13 acres

Top Ten: New River Valley

Top Ten: Things to do in the New River Valley Get authentic El Salvadorian food on the cheap at Latino’s Taste in Radford I recommend the pupusas and fried yuca! It’s large enough to split with two. Don’t forget to grab an ice-cold Mexican Coke