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Winery Review of Pearmund Cellars in Virginia

by Caitlin J

Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, Fauquier County, has been voted Best Winery in Virginia two years in a row. This huge honor is more than deserved for this beautiful and sprawling winery.  Friendly staff, a barrel room, and honey bees are just some of the things to explore while visiting the winery.  Naturally, we started off with a tasting, which featured 11 of their wines. Our “pourer” was this wonderful lady who did so much more than pour our tastings and make us laugh. She really helped me to pick out the notes in the wine on my own and explained how different processes can bring out different notes.  I came to the conclusion after this (and many other tastings) that steel-aged white wines are my favorite. There is a crispness and freshness that comes from aging white wine in steel and the sweetness, for the most part, is absent.  I also really enjoyed their white dessert wine, appropriately called “pound cake in a bottle.” It was amazing though and my first time experiencing a white dessert wine.


There is so much more to this winery than just good wine, so much more! Available to buy there are cheese, crackers, and other things of the like that have been paired up with the wines, at a reasonable price. The day we visited, there was a BBQ platter deal going on, but we had just had a delicious Wegmen’s lunch so we didn’t get to try any. And like any good winery, dogs are allowed outside!


The barrel room, excuse me for the poor quality but there was strange lighting in there!

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Surrounding the main building are acres and acres of grape vines growing, waiting to be turned into chardonnay wine.  Also on the property, besides the countless covered picnic areas and extra outside bar, was a large, old silo with three huge trees growing inside! There were also several bee hives far enough away from the main building and picnic areas that they did not bother anyone. If you walk past the hives and across the creek, there is a lovely little area nestled in a group of trees. There was a bench swing hanging from a tree that He and I sat on for a bit to enjoy our glasses of wine.

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The bee hives! On the right, you can see the bridge leading over the creek!

I absolutely loved every part of Pearmund Cellars, well except for the fact that they are so far away from me! Their property is more than a typical winery and the friendly staff really make an impact on the (regular and new) winos! I very much recommend this to anyone traveling through or staying in the area! Next time, heck, every time I head back to NoVa, Ill have to make a stop. I’m eagerly awaiting to return and enjoy a bottle of wine and a picnic.



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