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Down on the Farm with Rising Silo Brewery

by Caitlin J
rising silo brewery

Blacksburg’s up-and-coming brewery is right at home in this city where local-made goods and businesses rule. Rising Silo Brewery shares a headquarters with Glade Road Growing, a farm with a large output of vegetables, pasture-raised chickens and ducks, and other livestock.

I’ve been visiting this Rising Silo Brewery almost as long as it’s been open to the public and it’s been a delight to see the ways it has grown and evolved, all while staying true to what sets it apart.


craft beer blacksburg

“From Home Brewing to Farm Brewing”

Greg Zielske, Rising Silo’s brewer and a friend of Glade Road Growing, started brewing back in fall of 2014 and delivered to Southwest Virginia its first and only farm brewery.

Zielske runs a small three-barrel brewing system in which he produces blondes, stouts, IPAs (even a delicious, stout-like Black IPA), different kombuchas, like lavender or lemon, cold-brew coffee, and even the occasional soda.

brick oven

This oven serves dual-purpose in the winter; it also does a great job keeping the patio toasty on cool nights.

Coming up to the farm the first two things to spot is the large silo out front and the large, circular brick oven inside the patio.  The brick oven is where you can place your order for one of the freshest farm-to-table meals available.  Most evenings pizza and a salad are served, but they have tons of fun playing with the menu items and adding interesting ingredients from the farm.

brick oven pizza

A yummy example of the pizzas made here

Rising Silo Brewery has something to tickle everyone’s fancy, which has made it a great hangout spot to bring the whole community together. Dogs, children, hikers and bikers, non-alcohol drinkers, foodies, families, and couples; all will find something to do here.

Dogs get special treats that are made at the brewery from used barley.  They, along with children, have plenty of room to climb and play around the farm.  Hikers and bikers can come before or after a visit to Heritage Park, it’s just right across the street.

Since Rising Silo offers more than just beer, foodies, and non-drinking folks can all enjoy and appreciate this brewery as much as any other craft beer fan would. Stop by for a growler fill or spend some more time here with a pint or flight and take in the farm with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

farm to table

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What’s your experience with breweries using local ingredients? Have you ever been to a farm brewery? Comment below!

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