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The Rodeo’s in Town! Guide to Rodeo Austin 2019

by Caitlin
rodeo Austin 2019

Rodeo Austin is a two-week long event ‘Where Weird Meets Western’.

  • Rodeo Austin kicks off every spring and this year runs from March 16th to the 30th.
  • The Fairgrounds open daily at 10 AM. The ProRodeo and concerts will take place each day with performances beginning at 7 PM Mondays thorough Saturdays and 3 PM on Sundays. Arena doors open one hour prior to start time.
  • The first rodeo was in 1938 and started as a sineample stock show before growing to be one of America’s top ProRodeos!
  • Parking is $15 per car (cash or credit) but the location is a short ten miles east of downtown if you’d rather rideshare it.
  • I suggest using ‘Magic Money’ cards. It’s a better way to purchase carnival rides, games, food and more! It’s a RFID wristband that is reusable and reloadable. Magic Money wristbands utilize electronic credits and will replace the use of traditional metal tokens on the Rodeo Austin fairgrounds. Magic Money wristbands are available for purchase on-site at Rodeo Austin.
  • Rodeo Austin is a non-profit organization that contributes $2 million annually to the youth of Texas with the help of over 1,000 volunteers, donors and sponsors!
  • For more information visit the FAQ page on the Rodeo Austin website.
rodeo Austin 2019

One of my favorite memories from growing up was going to the rodeo. It was one of my favorite traditions back in my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. And it fell around my birthday every year, lucky me!

In fact, you might be familiar it. The Salem Rodeo was in a little movie called Borat. Boy, did it make a splash when it was first filmed. Now, it’s our little area’s claim to fame. You can check out the short clip below.

But that was a long time ago, and I’ve got much better memories of attending the rodeo.

My favorite part has always been the gals who barrel raced. I’ve always thought it was amazing the relationship you must have with a horse to teach them how to be so agile and turn those tight corners inches about the ground.

The bull riding is always incredible. Those handsome country boys riding a thrashing beast for a short, but long, eight seconds. The bravery it takes to get on one of those is something I admire.

rodeo Austin

So I’d always been intrigued about the Rodeo Austin and this year I was invited to attend for the media night. We got to experience so much in one night, I was shocked by all there was to do!

Rodeo Austin is so much more than the rodeo though, there’s music, food, rides, and the World’s Largest Shovel. I’m dead serious about that last one…

rodeo Austin

Of course you can eat all the fair food until you throw up. Hopefully you plan things right and ride all the fun, stomach flipping carnival rides before indulging on some Texas-style fair food.

There’s also a petting zoo, pig races, and a nightly concert featuring surprisingly popular acts of all different genres. Here are some of the most fun things to do at Rodeo Austin:


One of America’s top 10 ProRodeos, each evening features two hours of action-packed rodeo essentials such as bull riding, barrel racing, mutton bustin’ and more. Events begin at 7 PM Mondays through Saturdays and 3 PM. on Sundays.

rodeo Austin

Rodeo Austin Live Music

Award-winning recording artists take the stage each night following the ProRodeo performance in the Luedecke Arena. The Rodeo Austin never ceases to amaze me when it comes to their outstanding lineup and continues to bring in the biggest acts year, after year. You can check out the latest PBR schedule and ticket details if need be.    

This year, the lineup includes performances Aaron Watson, Flo Rida, Josh Turner, and Martina McBride, among others. For the full line up including tickets (which start at $20), visit here.

Ride the Rides at the Carnival

When the rodeo is in town, it is one of the best things to do in Austin. There is something for all ages at Rodeo Austin, including one of Austin’s largest carnivals. Visitors can shop the variety of vendors, try the fair food or see shows, pig races and Texas longhorns!

See Texas’s Best Livestock at the Stock Show

You’ll see magnificent longhorns and gorgeous horses. People come from all around to showcase their prized animals.

With fairground admission, visitors can enjoy fifteen different livestock and horse shows in the Show Barn including the eighth largest junior livestock show in America.

Have you been to Rodeo Austin? What’s your favorite memory of going to the rodeo?

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