Friday Favorites: Shopping Local

by Caitlin J

This Friday I’m sharing my favorite places to shopping local in Austin! Everything from hip Austin-made clothes to my favorite local ingredients.

Back home, in Blacksburg, Virginia, we had a huge presence of local vendors and artists. The whole community shared this attitude of, “buy local, eat local, be local,” and I’m impressed to see that a big city like Austin can have the same vibe. So here goes it:

My Favorite Places to Buy Local in Austin:

A Town

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.19.35 PMIf you ever need to grab a gift or some Austin SWAG, A Town is the place to go for a expansive collection of locally-made clothes, gifts, beauty/spa items, pet goodies, home decor, and so much more. They are proud to home the work of 100+ Austin artists and designers. My first visit to this store was actually this spring when I was in town looking at apartments. This store was right across from our new complex and after signing the lease we went over for a shopping spree of all things Austin! You might think the store is small at first, but keep walking towards the back. Also, make sure to chat up the sales staff and they just might hook you up with some wine and fresh cookies.


in.gredients has taken a grocery store and contained it within a corner shop in East Austin, but they are much more than that. Alongside meats and veggies, they’ve got local beers/wines, cold brew coffee, kombucha, and in.gredients1sodas on tap, plus a delicious menu of local food offerings. Oh, and they also operate as a zero-waste microgrocer! The ultimate goal for their business model is package free, so bring your own container and make sure they tare it before you start filling up with yummy ingredients. If you don’t have a container on you no biggie, they will give you a compostable container instead.  Besides being a micro-grocer, they are a part of their community and feature block parties and live music. It’s the funnest grocery store I’ve ever been to, and I’m a big fan of grocery stores! As if it couldn’t get better, they even have a happy hour!! Monday through Friday, 12-6pm, check website for the details!

Texas Farmers’ Market

At two locations, Lakeline and Muller, Texas Farmers’ Market is a rain-or-shine, dog-friendly, producer-only market! You can shop and eat your way through dozens of Austin farmers and vendors. Fresh vegetables, meat, cold-brew coffee, whatever you are craving or need to cross off your grocery list, you can get it here. And it all comes from the area! Lakeline hours are Saturdays and Sundays 9am – 1pm, while you only have Sundays (10am – 2pm) to explore the farmers’ market at Mueller. Mueller is the one I prefer just simply because of the beautiful view and the pond just past the vendor tents.

Salt & Time

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.52.20 PMNext time you’re over in East Austin, you better stop at this full-service butcher shop and restaurant, unless of course, you’re a vegetarian or something crazy like that. But if you’re a meat-lover like myself, you’ll need to be careful to not get any droll over their meat cases!

I have never seen more beautiful pieces of meat than at Salt & Time. This place offers up a large selection of  meat freshly cut in-house and sourced only from sustainable Texas ranches. They also have delicious house-made sausages and other artisan foods to pair with the delicious meats. If you’re curious about the ways of butchers than definitely sign up for one of their classes! You’ll get a hands on experience learning all about meat, cuts, and the world of butchery!

Central Market

5.0M DigitalCAM

AH, H.E.B.’s take on Whole Foods, except the prices are much easier on the ol’ wallet and they offer more local foods. All of your favorite Austin food brands can be found here! IMO, they also have an incredible selection of local beers and ciders. Most locations also have a full-service kitchen, offer cooking and wine classes in their culinary school, and offer catering services. But there’s two locations here in Austin, South Lamar, and naturally, one on North Lamar. I here the South Lamar location is much, much bigger but sadly, I have yet to make that trek south for a pop-in. Besides food, the South Lamar location offers a few cooking classes and live music each week!

There you go! Some of my favorite places for the hook-up on all things local in Austin! What’s your favorite place? Am I missing something great from this list? Let me know in the comments! Also make sure to subscribe and follow, I’d hate for you to miss out!

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