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Austin Homebrew Festival: 2017 Recap

I’ve been to plenty of beer festivals, the massive ones and the small ones. And each great beer festival is special in their own unique way. This festival, the Austin Homebrew Festival, was one of the most exciting ones I’ve been to. Imagine a beer


A Night of Craft Beer and Breast Cancer Awareness at Beers on Pink

Beers on Pink is a beer festival and fundraiser for The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Twenty Austin Breweries will be in attendance to serve the beer that’s on display.
The event is being hosted Thursday, October 13 from 7pm – midnight.
There will be a suggested donation for proceeds that go directly to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Best Places in Austin to Grab a Beer and Get Sh*t Done

Working from home is great, whether you do it full-time or a few times a month, the flexibility and freedom is something many dream of, but still it’s all-too-common though to find yourself cooped up at home for days or just stuck in a rut at work. In Austin, there’s no excuse for any of that though! Here’s my list of the best spots in Austin to get a beer and get shit done!

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Austin’s Best Brewpubs: A Guide

We’ve all been to ‘brewpubs’ that never stray from the same, boring core beers or, the other side of that: the ones with questionable food overshadowed by the brews. Fear not for us here in Austin! We’re blessed with several Austin brewpubs pulling double-duty serving up top-notch food that pairs perfectly with their delicious craft beers.

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Trappist Beer Travels and Adventures

Trappist beer is beer brewed behind the walls of peaceful Trappist monasteries. Very few have seen inside these breweries, but (from left to right) Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood, and Jessica Deahl have been lucky enough to see inside all 11. Three weeks of travels across

Barks for Beers: Dogs, Craft Beer, and a Good Cause

Ever notice the overlap of craft beer and dog lovers? Well so did Divine Canines. This year their fundraising event, Barks for Beers, is partnering with 30 of Austin’s finest craft breweries for a fun, month-long, community event for you and your pup! Barks for Beers 2017 is bigger than ever with 30 craft breweries participating this year! First year there were only 8 breweries participating, then 12, then 20, now 30!

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