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Things To Do in Rincon, Puerto Rico | West PR Travel Guide

by Caitlin J

With lively beaches, fantastic local cuisine, and several historical landmarks, there is plenty to do and see in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Located in western Puerto Rico, Rincón is a top destination in the Caribbean.

Last fall, I spent a few weeks traveling throughout Puerto Rico with my fiancee. We enjoyed a few days in west Puerto Rico and really loved the different beaches, nature areas, and incredible food and drinks. 

If you’re looking for a Rincon, Puerto Rico travel guide, I am here to help! Keep reading to learn about some of the best things to do in Rincon.

About Rincón, Puerto Rico

Rincon, Puerto Rico was established by Don Luis de Añasco, an early Puerto Rican settler, in 1771. Over 100 years later, Puerto Rico became part of the United States in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War, and this was when the first census was taken in Rincón. Today, this town is home to nine different barrios, or neighborhoods. 

About a 2.5-hour drive, or 149 kilometers from San Juan, Rincon is located in northwest Puerto Rico. With over 50 beaches and many festivals throughout the year, Rincon is a must-visit while in Puerto Rico. 

  • Weather and Climate: With average high temperatures usually in the upper 80s, the weather is warm year-round in Rincon. Hurricane season runs from June to November, so the best time to visit is in the spring, which is right between the large crowds of winter and the rainy season. 
  • Getting Around Rincón: This hilly town is tough if you try to get around on foot. Public transportation is not the most reliable in Puerto Rico, so I highly recommend renting a car while visiting this area.
  • Safety: I have previously traveled around Puerto Rico as a solo female traveler and have never had any problems. Puerto Rico is generally very safe!
  • Currency: Because Puerto Rico is a United States territory, they use the U.S. dollar, making things easy!
  • Language: Both English and Spanish are widely spoken throughout Puerto Rico. While I was in western Puerto Rico, I never had any issues with the language barrier. 

Best Places to Stay in Rincón

While visiting Rincón, Puerto Rico, we stayed in a lovely Airbnb. This property is comprised of several rooms built on the side of a hill. The unit itself was very beautiful, and the incredible sunset views from the window were one of the highlights of our stay. 

I was really looking forward to some relaxing baths in this property’s deep bathtub, but the hot water was not working, which was a huge disappointment. However, we spent plenty of time in the plunge pool on the deck.

Beware that the neighbors have roosters squawking at every hour of the day and night! By day 3, I was about to lose my mind! While this place is beautiful, it did fall short of some of our expectations.

Prices are usually around $200 a night. If you are interested in checking out this property, click the link below.

Best Things To Do in Western Puerto Rico

Snorkeling adventures, Caribbean sunsets, and charming lighthouses are just a few of Western Puerto Rico’s highlights. Here are some of the best things to do in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

1. Get Front Row Seats to Caribbean Sunsets at The Beach House

Puerto Rican sunsets and fresh seafood? Count me in! The Beach House serves an organic-driven menu with an emphasis on freshly-caught fish. The seafood comes directly off the boats of local fishermen; it doesn’t get more local than this!

This restaurant has a sunset happy hour where you can order beachy cocktails and get the best view of the Puerto Rican sunset. I recommend showing up early to get a good spot- this place gets busy!

2. Take Surfing Lessons at World-Famous Domes Beach

With some of the most giant waves in Puerto Rico, Domes Beach is known as one of the best surfing spots on the islands. Many surfing competitions happen at this beach, including the Corona Pro Surf.

If you’ve never been surfing before, don’t worry! There are plenty of places in Rincón where you can take surfing lessons. Check out Surf Lessons Puerto Rico Adventure Company to book a lesson.

3. Taste the Salty Air at the Salt Flats in Cabo Rojo

Puerto Rico Salt Flats in Cabo Rojo

Enjoy the scenery of mangroves, coral reefs, salt marshes, seagrass, and lagoons, all in one place! The Salt Flats in Cabo Rojo is one of the best places in Puerto Rico. Here, you can see colossal salt mounds, do some hiking, and climb up to the observation tower. 

Puerto Rico Salt Flats in Cabo Rojo
Puerto Rico Salt Flats in Cabo Rojo

I recommend that you ignore the hours of operation on Google. The Salt Flats are not secured, and you can easily slip in through the fence any time of the day. While you’re here, please be respectful by staying out of the water and cleaning up your trash.

4. Visit Faro Punta Higüeras, a Historic 19th Century Lighthouse

Built during 1892, meant to cover the distance between two other western Puerto lighthouses, Faro Punta Higueras has functioned as a recreational park since 1993. Located right next to Domes Beach, you can check out the maritime museum or go up to the observation tower, which has incredible views. Depending on the time of year, you might see a few whales in the water or a surfing competition at the beach next door.

5. Drink Local Craft Beer at Rincón Beer Company


After exploring Rincon’s adorable downtown area, featuring plenty of shops and eateries, stop into Rincon Beer Company. This microbrewery serves local beers and plenty of great food. After opening in 2018, it has been featured in Conde Nast, and then expanded in 2020 due to demand. 

With 16 taps of mainly local microbrewery products and a cocktail menu, you can order a cold drink to pair with the fish tacos, ceviche, or several burgers found on the menu.

6. Chill on Playa Crash Boat in Aguadilla

The many food stands, live music, long pier, and clear blue water makes Crash Boat Beach a great place for a lively beach day, and is actually known as Puerto Rico’s party beach. The sand is white, and the water is a bright, clear blue, making this a gorgeous beach area. 

As one of the most popular Rincon beaches, this is a great place to do some snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. However, the surf here can be powerful, so exercise caution! 

6. Experience a Color Explosion on Avion Abandonado in Aguadilla

Translating to “abandoned plane,” Avion Abandonado lives up to its namesake. This abandoned plane dates back to an accident from February 1992 when it collided with another plane while taking off. 

Today, this structure has plenty of graffiti, and you can even go inside the plane, where you will see even more artwork. This color explosion makes for a great photo op, so make sure to bring your camera to take some Instagram-worthy shots.

7. Enjoy Local Food and Drink with Stunning, Endless Ocean Views at Pa’l 22

We weren’t planning to eat at Pa’l 22, but we thought it would be fun to check it out after driving by! Located in a strip of many other restaurants, all of these eateries are sitting on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. This fantastic location makes this another great spot to catch a sunset! 

Not only is the view incredible, but the food is just as impressive. For tapas, seafood, and drinks by the ocean, you won’t want to miss Pa’l 22.

9. Get Your Snorkeling Fix at the Blue Hole and Isabela’s 300m of Reef

Located in Isabela, Puerto Rico, Shacks Beach is home to the Blue Hole, a deep natural pool that goes 300 meters below the ocean’s surface. Made up of stunning reefs, caves, and beautiful turquoise water, this is a great place for snorkeling. 

At the end of the reef, there is a 30-foot slope where you can sometimes see a group of manatees. While in the water, you will likely see many sea turtles and colorful fish. Marine life is abundant in these waters!

10. Take in Western Puerto Rico’s Natural Beauty at Reserva Marina Tres Palmas

The Reserva Marina Tres Palmas is also known as Steps Beach because of the concrete steps sitting on the sand. These famous steps are a great place to take in the view or pose for a photo when the tide is safe. 

In the spring and summer, the vast waves of this beach turn into more serene waters, making this an excellent area for snorkeling or swimming. The colorful reef below the water is home to turtles, lobsters, reef fish, and bottlenose dolphins. Try to get here in the morning, when the ocean is calmest.

Ready to Start Planning Your Puerto Rico Vacation?

From water activities to fresh seafood and beer, Rincón, Puerto Rico has so much to offer! If you are looking for more Puerto Rico travel ideas, check out these other Big World, Small Girl Travel Blogs:

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