A Weekend of Virginia Wine & Beer

My past weekend was full of visiting top-notch breweries and a magnificent winery where I was given the VIP treatment. My boyfriend and I went to his parent’s place in northern Virginia and as always we were able to find some great places. The second day we ventured through the mountains, off our normal path, to find some of the state’s best beers.

Escutcheon Brewery Winchester, Virginia

20151003_132645A completely unplanned stop, but this new brewery has won me over. Just a flight of five classic brews was all the offer now, but I am eager to see what they come up with next! The industrial building was clean and sharp, there was plenty of room, in and outside, and the high ceilings made the place seem so much larger. The staff were great and some of the friendliest people I have met! They knew their stuff and were clearly passionate about their business. As this brewery is in my best friend’s town, I know I’ll be back as soon as I can!


Blue Valley Winery Delaplane, Virginia –

As my boyfriend’s parents are dear friends with the family who owns Blue Valley Vineyard and20151003_153245 Winery, I have heard so much about it and this past weekend was when we finally came in for a visit! Blue Valley is a new winery that has great potential to become a Virginia gem. Overall the building and property were stunning and magnificent. I got such a cool tour of the place as his parents are “Cave Club” members.  I was taken downstairs to see where the magic happens. I even got to meet the young winemaker and check out the private tasting room, which was more like an old cellar. Upstairs is a large, high ceiling tasting room that had so many different seating areas to enjoy a bottle and some food with your group.  Though the place wasn’t crowded, the sound level made it feel like a club! That’s because the all of the walls are thick, barren concrete. You had to shout just to talk to the person next to you! Some simple sound-reducing foam panels would have made a world of a difference in the vast tasting room.  As this place is still so new I would expect that they are figuring things out and making improvements! The staff were nice and the family that owns it are always there, socializing and tending to the customers. At least the wine was absolutely divine!



Where the magic happens 🙂










Blue Mountain Brewery Afton, Virginia –

We had the pleasure of stopping at Blue Mountain Brewery right in the middIMG_1112le of their Oktoberfest celebrations! This brewery is located right in the heart of the “Brew Ridge Trail” and is neighbors with some of Virginia’s most popular breweries. Their white farmhouse sits right across from a perfect view of the Blue Ridge Mountain skyline. We ate a late lunch here and split their flight featuring ten of their brews! A lot of their beers were either total hits or misses for us and we never seemed to agree on liking the same ones. Well save their classic lager and their Kolsch 151. The inside of the building featured timber supports and wrought-iron chandeliers; it really gave the place an European pub feel.  The food was great and our waitress was so pleasant.  They had a stunning outdoor area and had it been better weather, we definitely would have been outside sampling their award-winning brews!


Their charming outdoor area


Such a large flight!! No complaints though

Devil’s Backbone Brewery Roseland, Virginia –

IMG_1128 IMG_1130

Our last stop before heading back home, Devil’s Background is Virginia’s biggest and most highly awarded brewery. A lodgelike pub with an expansive selection of their own brews. We tried two of their three selections of flights for a total of 11 tastings. Their Vienna Lager, which one the World Cup in gold and silver, has been our personal favorite for quite some time! I like to consider this beer the craft beer for every beer drinker. It’s a full flavored lager that would be perfect to serve at any hosting event. Their beers were all so good! The inside of the lodge, which was where we spent our time since it was late and cold, was toasty and warm and the taxidermied animals hung on the wall were right at home in this mountain lodge.

IMG_1134 IMG_1133 IMG_1132

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