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A Love Letter to Rum Inspired by Flor de Caña Rum

by Caitlin
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Dearest Rum,

Oh how I love thee. I’m sitting here, with a delicious glass of craft beer, but all I can think about is you. Today is National Rum Day– YOUR DAY. So to celebrate, I thought I’d count out all the ways I love you:

First, you’re sweet as can be and you get along with everyone. While I love your wild, crazy side, it’s always nice when you get dressed up for a nice night out. You already know I enjoy you with all my favorite flavors, but you’ve never let me down when it’s just and me.

No matter the weather, location, or ingredients, you’re remarkably adaptable and versatile. Can’t really say that about many others. Plus, just like me, you love the warm weather and the Caribbean.  In fact, Rum, I don’t know if you know, but you’ve inspired most of my travels. It’s simply because of where you’re from. Where you’re from the people are always smiling and the sun never stops shining. I wonder how much of that is because of you…

rum drinks

Double fisting local rum drinks in Belize

Rum, you know you have always had a special place in my bar cart, no matter how crowded it gets. Trends come and go, and I love experimenting with others, but you’re the one I’ll always go back to. Many people think you’re simple and they don’t want to take you serious. Just ignore those haters, they don’t know your true potential like I do. Hopefully I can convince them otherwise…

Anyways, Rum I hope you know just how special you are… I hope you never forget that, because I never will.

Love, Big World Small Girl

Falling in Love with Rum

Rum, by definition, is a spirit that’s distilled either from fermented molasses (a viscous by-product of the sugar industry) or freshly pressed sugar cane juice. Rum is made in sugar cane producing countries, especially those in the Caribbean. Very aged versions are generally sipped neat, while unaged and lesser aged spirits are mixed in classic, Tiki, and modern cocktails.

rum distillery

Visiting the local rum distillery in Hill Country, Texas

Some nights I just want to enjoy it with some fizzy Cola, and a squeeze of fresh limes. Other nights, I get in the mood for Tiki Cocktails and will mix some up in my favorite Tiki drink, the classic Painkiller. Along with the rum, the cocktail is made with pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice, and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Note: Because of its base material, molasses-based rums generally have a sweet note with flavors of molasses, banana and tropical fruit. Their complexity is ramped up by aging them in barrels. while those made with sugar cane juice have ‘grassy and vegetal’ notes.

Then, some nights I get into a ‘Mad Men’ mood, and want to substitute it in an Old Fashioned along with 1889 bitters. That’s what is so great about rum, I mentioned it earlier, but its versatility is endless!

What I love about rum, maybe above all else, is it’s a VERY ‘wallet-friendly’ spirit to explore. I can get a high-quality and premium spirit for $25-$35! Compared to other spirits, that’s on the very low end of price.

And now, just like I predicted in January, after attending the 2018 San Antonio Cocktail Conference, premium, sipping rums are becoming popular. If you’re curious about getting into the spirit straight, try the Flor de Caña 25 Year, a beautifully aged spirit:

“The crown jewel, a 25-year old ultra-premium rum, full-bodied and with a dark amber color. It has an aroma that integrates vanilla, wood and dark cocoa notes, which mingle smoothly on the palate with notes of fruits and nuts.”

sipping rums

Flor De Caña Mixtronomy Dinner Menu

I was recently invited to a media dinner hosted by Flor de Caña rum, and I felt like I hit the lottery.  As a beer blogger, I get invited to a lot of incredible events and I get to meet even more incredible brands. But there was something wildly different about this invite– I practically screamed out loud when I saw the notification on my phone…

Contacted by a PR company, my favorite rum, Flor de Caña, was hosting a Mixtronomy Dinner and wanted me– little ole me– to come join them for a night of exploring the spirit. Not only am I one of rum’s biggest fans, but there is almost always a bottle of Flor de Caña 7 Year on my bar cart. (I’m DEAD serious, nobody is paying me to say that!)

I was first introduced to Flor de Caña when I traveled to Nicaragua in early 2014 ago– boy, was it EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, I was pumped to attend the dinner for a little tasting and education on my favorite spirit!


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Bottle service in Nicaragua!! So sad it’s my last night but so happy to return home to my friends tomorrow

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Besides the smooth, slightly sweet taste of rum, what makes Flor de Caña so special, is how it comes be.This Nicaraguan rum is born and aged at the base of the most active volcano in Latin America: San Cristobal. (pictured below) The volcano’s base has a highly fertile and mineral-rich soil which helps produce the rich molasses key in giving the spirit a smooth and balanced taste.

Additionally, unlike much of the rum you find on shelves, Flor de Caña is naturally aged, without sugar or additives. What’s even cooler is their rums are distilled five times using 100% renewable energy!

nicaragua rum

Source: BroBible

Here’s the menu from the Rum and Food Pairing Dinner. Try not to get any drool on your keyboard, okay?

Paired with Florita Flor de Caña 4 Yr / elderflower liqueur / lemon juice / prosecco:

Selection of Oysters horseradish / chilli / mignonette

Mackerful! Cucumber & thai lime soup / orange / avocado

rum pairings

Paired with Macualita Flor de Caña 7 Yr / guava juice / lemon juice / Luxardo Maraschino / simple syrup / orange bitters

  • Tomato Watermelon nuoc mam / crispy yuba / cantaloupe sorbet

Paired with Daiquirie de Caña Flor de Caña 7 Yr / orgeat syrup / lime juice:

  • King Crab Sabayon Roasted oyster mushrooms / purple hulled pea / ginger apple
  • Sunflower Porridge Braised sunchoke / soft scramble / grilled prawn

central america rum

Paired with Trio de Caña (a Mini Flight of Classic Cocktails with a Rum Twist):

  • Striped Bass Texas peach / kimchi / caramelized leek
  • Wagyu Shoulder Fillet Corn grits / huitlacoche / apricot
  • Mac in the Style of the Blue Box Comte & gouda / duck yolk confit / chive

flor de cana rum

Paired with Flor de Caña 25 Year, a Heavenly Sipping Rum:

  • Cardamom Pavlova Frangipane / citrus ice / mounted cream

flor de cana rums

Let me know in the comments your favorite rum-based drink!

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